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11 Amazing Ingredients to Reduce Upto 10 Pounds Weight in a Month

Losing 10 kgs a month may seem like a very difficult task but it can get easier if you watch what you eat. I

t is very important to replace a few fatty and carbohydrate-rich foods in your meals. 

Counting calories can be very difficult, especially if you’re new in this business. Not many people aim for such targets, only your determination has brought you here! Congratulations!

This article will provide you with a list of ingredients that can help you lose weight faster. So let’s get started!

INGREDIENT # 1: Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a sweet spice used in many Asian recipes. It is said to have many health-boosting properties.

It has antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-ageing properties. It can also prevent insulin resistance that is a real cause of weight gain and diabetes. 

NCBI stated, “The pooled results showed that cinnamon administration significantly decreased BW.”

Consuming Cinnamon tea daily can control hunger and food cravings in most adults. It is often seen that the people who consume cinnamon tea twice a day eat lesser foods yet remain energetic. 

fat burner and weight loss supplement

INGREDIENT # 2: Honey:

Consuming sugar or other sweeteners can be very dangerous for your health. Sugar may promote weight gain too.

If your target is to lose 10 kgs a month, you must replace your sugar with honey. This natural sweetener is nature’s nectar. 

Honey can be added in your smoothies, milk-based beverages, sweets, candies and everywhere.

It promotes liver functioning and improves sensitivity to insulin. Studies prove that drinking warm with honey and freshly squeezed lemon can help lose weight. This solution should be consumed every morning.

INGREDIENT # 3: Glucommanon + Psyllium Husk:

Both glucomannan and psyllium husks are fibrous substances extracted from plant roots. When combined together, they can reduce a lot of weight.

Generally, our body stores a lot of wastewater and toxins that can make us look fat. Once these toxins and water are removed, you may automatically lose a few kgs.

The two fibrous substances are available in many health supplements. They’re water-soluble and can be consumed at any time of the day.

These will absorb all the water making you thirsty, so you keep drinking water and suppress appetite. Also, fibrous substances help regularise bowel movements.

INGREDIENT # 4: Green Tea:

Let’s get this straight, we definitely need beverages in life. However, some beverages come with tons of calories that can make you fatter.

So it is very important that you stick to green tea for its zero-calorie property and weight-loss benefits.

Green Tea is an ancient way of boosting metabolism. It is the most effective when combined with smaller portions of meals, only 4-5 a day. Its flavonoids and antioxidants can cleanse the body and reduce fat storage.

INGREDIENT # 5: Coffee:

Caffeine is said to be a great energy-booster. People who’re on a diet usually consume black coffee in a small quantity numerous times a day. This helps them perform better at the gym.

It is said that coffee can stimulate brown fat and burn calories too. It is very important that you choose the right type of coffee.

There are many instant coffee sachets available these days, don’t opt for them. Opt for a fuller coffee bean or an organic one. Those have more weight loss benefits. 

INGREDIENT # 6: Raspberries:

Raspberries or Raspberry Ketones can be very powerfully effective in losing weight. The Ketone is indeed an exclusive ingredient as it takes about 41 kgs of Raspberries to extract a single dosage.

Studies prove that Raspberries and Raspberry Ketones can be very helpful in promoting metabolic activities and accelerating fat-loss mechanism.

Although it lacks some scientific evidence, thousands of people have successfully lost weight on consuming them.

INGREDIENT # 7: Ashwagandha:

Ashwagandha is the Indian traditional herb that has immunity-boosting properties. It fights inflammation that can cure obesity-related diseases and is loaded with anti-ageing antioxidants. 

It is available in the form of capsules, powder and other dietary supplements. It balances hormones and regulates blood circulation too.

It is a complete package! Studies suggest taking Ashwagandha even if you’re low on energy or want to workout extra.

INGREDIENT # 8: Cissus Quadrangularis

Cissus Quadrangularis is a plant used for its medicinal properties. It has anti-allergic properties and can be used in the treatment of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and menopausal symptoms. 

The people who have a slow metabolism may find it difficult to lose weight effectively.

In such cases, Cissus Quadrangularis may be given to overcome fatigue and metabolic syndrome. NCBI approves of this plant extract too. 

INGREDIENT # 9: White Kidney Beans

The enzyme alpha-amylase is inhibited by the consumption of white kidney beans. It helps in soothing digestive troubles and accelerates metabolism too.

It is said to delay the digestion of complex carbohydrates that can result in easy weight loss.

Kidney beans are said to be heavy when consumed, hence, they stop us from eating other foods. You must include them in your lunch to suppress afternoon cravings.

INGREDIENT # 10: Chromium-rich Foods

Replacing high carb meals with chromium-rich foods can help lower your calorie intake and reduce weight too.

Although Chromium is available as a dietary supplement now, it is better to replace excessive carbs with chromium-rich foods.

These include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meat, eggs, legumes, nuts, seeds and soy products.


Eggs are rich in protein and other nutrients that can make you full in just a few bites.

These are great ways to suppress your hunger and limit your food intake. Preferably, eggs should be eaten in the morning for your body to be able to digest it well.

You may avoid cooking eggs in too many oils and ghee. This can increase calorie intake. A boiled egg or sunny side up can be better than an omelette.

fat burner and weight loss supplement

Can these ingredients make it easier for you to lose 10 kgs?

Yes, when combined with the right spices, ingredients and a lot of hydration, you can lose 10 kgs a month.

Always remember to keep up your fluids intake and keep exercising a lot. Exercising is a crucial part of weight loss.

It can shape your muscles and help you remain fit white you’re on a diet. Consuming just these ingredients can be a slow process, but when combined with some work out routines, proper sleep, enough water and hydration and timely meals, you can definitely achieve your goal!

TIP: Eat your dinner early and then directly eat your breakfast. This allows your body to burn fats faster.

Let us know about your progress in the comment section below!

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