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Health Benefits of Eating in Silver Plate

One of the most widely used metals for cutlery and utensils is silver. Silver has proven antibacterial properties, which is one of the key reasons people eat it.

Eating from the same container is thought to be safer and can help deter disease-causing bacteria from spreading.

While this might or may not be accurate, because science has yet to prove it, silver is still a perfect utensil to use because of its ability to withstand extreme heat.

Giving a family silverware set as a gift has been a long-standing tradition in India. Let's look at the advantages of eating on a silver plate.

Health benefiting properties of Silver Plate:

Silver is the mineral substance of the earth that you must often see Silver r utensils It can be used in jewellery, kitchen utensils, and other products.

The symbol for silver is Ag, which comes from the Latin word Argentum, which means grey and gleaming.

The atomic number of silver is 47. Silver is considered a precious metal since it does not corrode.

Silver is an antimicrobial that protects the body by preventing flu and aiding wound healing.

It also has skin benefits. Silver will also shield us from harmful electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and other electronic devices if we use it correctly. (USDA)

Health Benefits & Uses of Eating in Silver Plate:

  • Antibacterial Properties

The research was performed, and the findings revealed that some bacteria avoid silver artefacts.

Our food can be shielded from harmful bacteria by using silver plates. Symptoms of Streptococcus Bacteria Infections is a description of one of the bacteria. Unlike antibiotic medicines, which bacteria can resist, silver is impenetrable to bacteria.

It takes a long time for us to finish the meal once it is placed on the plate. So, even though you leave your food unattended for an extended period of time, you can rest assured that nothing will happen to it.

  • Immunity Booster

Apart from shielding us from bacteria, silverware also reduces the risk of immune system deterioration and keeps you protected from diseases.

Unfavourable bacteria can be kept at bay by using silver utensils.

Germ infections that damage the body's health can also be prevented if the bacteria are removed.

As a result, using silver utensils may have a positive impact on the human immune system by boosting it.

  • Non-Toxic Properties

Silver utensils have non-toxic properties. Silver utensils, unlike plastics, do not have poisonous properties as a result of chemical reactions when they are polluted with heat.

This is due to the fact that silver does not oxidize, which can be harmful to one's health. Silverware has non-toxic properties as compared to other products.

They don't contaminate the food and keep it healthy for hours thanks to their chemical properties.

  • Excellent Durability

Silver utensils are normally long-lasting. When using glass or ceramic utensils, you must be extremely careful because if they fall, they will break and crash.

However, that would not happen on silver-plated utensils unless they are intentionally crooked or twisted, such as a silver tablespoon. Silver-plated utensils have more rugged textures and colours than other materials.

  • BPA is Absent 

BPA is a plastic additive that increases the durability of the material. This can also cling to food, resulting in hormonal imbalances as well as obesity.

Increased chances of breast cancer, prostate cancer, and infertility are among the other dangers. You could turn to silver instead of looking for high BPA or “BPA-Free” plastics.

  • Defends the Body from Microorganisms

Silver can destroy microorganisms and is a weapon to avoid decay, according to Hippocrates (Father of Medicine).

Silver has a harmful effect on the body. Do you know what makes something toxic? Toxic is a material that, when ingested, can cause the body's functions to become abnormal.

This is unquestionably hazardous. Utensils made of silver, on the other hand, will solve this and protect the body from harmful microorganisms.

  • Free Radicals

Eating food on a silver plate aids in the battle against free radicals and the rejuvenation of body cells.

Damaged body cells can be reactivated using silver content. It allows damaged cells to regenerate and work normally again.

Silver has the ability to resist infection and lower the risk of contracting harmful diseases. It can also help to speed up the healing of body wounds.

As a result, eating in silver vessels will aid in the maintenance of good health.

  • No Phthalates

Phthalates, another common ingredient in plastics, have been linked to problems with fertility and immunity.

This can affect fully grown adults, so imagining the impact on children is much more terrifying.

 Instead, use silverware, which has been proven to contain no chemicals that can affect anyone's health. As can be shown, there are many advantages to using a silver plate.

  • Freshness and Coolness are Maintained

Minerals in silver utensils aid in the purification of water and the battle against any kind of adulterant. As a result, drinking water from silver utensils is still a safe idea. Silverware was also used to keep water and wines fresh and tasty for longer periods of time.

Storing food in silverware is often a safe idea since the viruses, bacteria, and germs in the food can be destroyed. Milk was once infused with silver coins to keep it fresher for longer periods of time.

  • Increases the Capacity of the Brain

Silver extracts have been used as an active ingredient in a variety of Ayurvedic medicines.

It not only aids in the improvement of one's fitness, but it also aids in the development of one's mental abilities as one grows older.

As a result, eating with silverware is the healthiest choice.

Side-Effects of Eating in Silver Plate:

Silver utensils are thought to have several advantages. They provide you with a plethora of nutritional benefits.

However, there are certain unfavourable consequences. Let's take a look at some of the drawbacks of feeding on a silver plate:

  • Silver reacts with acidic food which can be dangerous for consumption.

  • Some people may be allergic to silver.

  • Silver is bonded with lead and lead is a dangerous metal.

  • Sometimes due to acid reacting with silver, the taste and colour of food change.


Perhaps these amazing benefits of eating on a silver plate will persuade you to reconsider.

And alternate use of silver can be considered. The use of pure and safe silver plates is recommended.

Hope you liked the health benefits, uses and side effects of eating in silver plate. 🙏

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