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9 Health Benefits of Eating Kala Chana

Also known as Black Chickpeas, Kala Chana is amazing sources of nutrients for your hair, skin and overall health.

They’re commonly eaten by many vegetarians in India and they belong to every household.

Kala Chana tastes so delicious. You should soak Kala Chana in a bowl full of water for an entire night or at least a few hours before consuming it.

This way, the Kala Chana will be softer and won’t give you gastrointestinal problems. Most people love boiled Kala Chana and add many vegetables with a dash of salt and pepper.

This is one of the healthiest and protein-rich meals you will ever have. They’re also known as Bengal Grams in some households.

Health benefiting properties of Kala Chana:

It is an incredible source of vitamins like B6, C, folate, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin and minerals including manganese, phosphorus, iron and copper.

The wealth of nutrients in Kala Chana is beneficial in boosting the immune system, promote muscle mass, regulates diabetes and enhance hair, skin and nail health. (NetMeds)

Kala Chana is famous for its antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and digestion-enhancing properties.

9 Health Benefits of Kala Chana:

  • Improves Cardiovascular Health

Kala Chana contains antioxidants, anthocyanins, delphinidin, cyanidin and petunidin as well as phytonutrients and ALA.

These nutrients are very beneficial in opening up and expanding the blood vessels so the blood can pass and circulate easily.

Most heart diseases begin when the blood passes with difficulty, Kala Chana surely helps it flow well.

Having Black Chickpeas or Kala Chana on a regular basis can reduce plaque deposits or formation and improve your arteries and veins’ health.

  • Helps Losing Weight

Most people who want to lose weight look for a snack or meal option that is not very fatty.

Kala Chana is perfect for obese or overweight individuals as they’re very high in fibre content and very low in fats.

It contains soluble as well as insoluble fibres that can help deal with excretion of bile and treatment of constipation.

Kala Chana can make you feel full very soon and reduces appetite and cravings too. If you drink the water boiled with Kala Chana, it can reduce your cravings.

  • Helps Reducing Cholesterol

When you consume Kala Chana regularly, you consume a lot of soluble fibres that help bind bile acids and prevent them from entering the bloodstream.

This reduces the bad cholesterol levels.

The fibrous content of Kala Chana is way better than what you get from any other foods.

You only need a three-fourth bowl of Kala Chana everyday to reduce plaque buildup and improve good cholesterol levels and reduce bad cholesterol levels.

  • Helps Reducing Sugar Levels

Kala Chana's soluble fibres can do wonders. They reduce cholesterol as well as excessive sugar absorption in the blood.

The carbohydrates in Kala Chana are broken down slowly and digested slowly too.

When the digestion process takes a while, the sugar levels are stabilized and controlled.

Also, they have a low glycemic index. Some people see their balanced blood sugar levels within a week of Kala Chana consumption.

  • Great Source of Iron

Many women are iron deficient and this can cause many health problems including anaemia.

Consuming a good amount of iron is very important for pregnant and lactating mothers as it helps in the growth of their baby too.

If you have very little iron, your body won’t be able to pump oxygenated blood to all organs. Hence, Kala Chanas should be consumed every day as they contain a lot of iron content.

  • Protein For Vegans/Vegetarians

As vegetarians and vegans do not always get a good amount of protein in their diets, Kala Chana consumption can increase protein content and its absorption too.

You may also combine Kala Chana with protein-rich Bajra, Jowar or Ragi flour tortillas to amplify the protein effect. This can help develop healthier bones, muscles and cells and tissues. 

  • Helps Treating Digestive Problems

Digestive disorders are the hardest to treat, hence, you should take care of what you eat to avoid these disorders completely.

The insoluble fibres in Kala Chana are exceptionally beneficial for reducing constipation and help the bowels to empty easily.

For best results, you are advised to soak these legumes in water for the whole night before boiling or cooking them in the morning.

  • Good For Skin

Kala Chana contains so many vitamins, dietary fibres and nutrients that can benefit your skin. Its antioxidants and other polyphenols can clear your skin and help it glow.

Many people use it in various skincare routines. “Kala Chana is split with skin removed and ground to make ‘besan’ which is excellent for skincare and is often used in face packs to give you flawless glowing skin.”

  • Good For Hair

Our lifestyles have become very unhealthy and we all have broken hair, split ends and dandruff.

Vitamins B6 and Zinc in Kala Chana can be building blocks of protein for your hair. Vitamin A can fight hair loss. You can also use Kala Chana’s flour to create a hair pack to fight dandruff.

Side-Effects of Eating Kala Chana:

Black Chickpeas or Kala Chana are very healthy for everyone. You may think these legumes should be best for everyone but let us surprise you as some people are allergic to them as well.

If you overeat or overcook them, you may have to suffer from numerous side effects. They have so many toxins on the surface, so it is important to wash them very well and soak them for a few hours before consuming them.

  • Kala Chana consumption may cause indigestion in people with IBS.

  • Black Chickpeas may contain a lot of toxins if not washed well or if purchased from cheap places. These may cause certain allergies.

  • Excessive fibres in Kala Chana may also cause diarrhoea if eaten excessively.

  • Since it has a lot of potassium content it may harm a few individuals who’re already on medication.


Add a lot of vegetables to your sprouted Kala Chana or boil them and cook them with onion and garlic.

You will be amazed at how delicious and healthy these legumes are.

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