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Best Multivitamin Supplement for Men & Women in India

With the increase in diseases and epidemics in our world, everyone wants to nourish themselves with the best multivitamin supplements.

What can multivitamins do to our bodies?

Well, we need vitamins and minerals for every body function! It is not just for your skin or hair! If you want to live a long and healthy life, multivitamins are a must! 

Most people ask their doctors to prescribe multivitamins only when they have hair fall, want to lose or gain weight or have skin diseases.

However, we must take vitamins and minerals on a regular basis. When our bodies cannot absorb enough vitamins and minerals, we need supplements.

24-in-1 Daily Superfoods - Best Multivitamin Supplement in India

24-in-1 Daily Superfoods include a lot of superfoods that give your body everything that it needs.

It is more than a multivitamin as it even contains minerals and other nutrients that our bodies may be deprived of.

As its name suggests, it contains 24 superfoods that contain hundreds of nutrients, beneficial vitamins and minerals that keep us disease-free.

What are the 24 superfoods in 24-in-1 Daily Superfoods?

This supplement contains Ashwagandha, Curcumin, Cinnamon, Hibiscus, Shatavari, Maca Root, Spirulina, Moringa, Wheatgrass, Alfalfa, Kale, Spinach, Beetroot, Broccoli, Carrot, Radish, Bitter Gourd, Ginger, Acai Berry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Apricot, and Avocado.

Each vegetable cellulose capsule contains equal quantities of all 24 superfoods that we may hardly be able to consume on a daily basis.

How did 24-in-1 Daily Superfoods become the best multivitamin in India?

Many Indians have a misconception that tablets could only mean medicine that is used to treat diseases.

This is why most Indians do not believe in consuming vitamins and mineral supplements.

However, Prorganiq raised awareness amongst the people that they definitely need vitamins and minerals in their diet to improve their immunity and overall health.

24-In-1 Daily Superfoods delivers all such ingredients that are impossible to be combined in a day’s meals.

No matter how hard you try, you may not be able to incorporate all ingredients such as broccoli, avocado, Shatavari and ashwagandha.

They’re all different. When people realised how great this was, it automatically became the best multivitamin in India.

Greens + Vegetables + Herbs + Fruits = 24-in-1 Daily Superfoods

    What if someone told you that you could have all of it… Greens, vegetables, herbs and fruits in one day. Wouldn’t it be very healthy?

    Whenever you fall sick, your doctor will tell you to eat greens, vegetables, herbs and fruits to get better soon.

    24-In-1 Daily Superfoods has been formulated after researching the best ingredients needed to sustain health.

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    Who can consume 24-In-1 Daily Superfoods?

      Did you know 24-In-1 Daily Superfoods contains natural ingredients without adding any chemicals or toxins?

      It doesn’t have any unhealthy or harmful ingredient, additive or addictive substance.

      50% of supplements in India are not well-researched while many have toxins, flavours and so many additional compounds that make it dangerous. 

      Because 24-In-1 Daily Superfoods is all-natural, it can be consumed by anyone who is above the age of 18. If you’re under 18, you can consume it too after consulting a doctor.

      Does 24-In-1 Daily Superfoods treat any disease?

      The supplement is not formulated to treat any specific disease but to treat your overall health. By giving you the necessary ingredients, your body becomes so strong that it never falls sick.

      For example:

      • Beet Root: Beet Root is said to improve haemoglobin levels.

      • Broccoli: Broccoli prevents our body from chronic diseases.

      • Carrots: Carrots can be a very good source of vitamin A for our eyes.

      • Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha can work as an anti-depressant as well.

      When all the 24 ingredients are combined, their goodness keeps you fit and youthful for a long time.

      Is 24-In-1 Daily Superfoods for vegetarians?

        Yes, 24-In-1 Daily Superfoods is 100% vegan. This means it can be consumed by people who are vegans as well as vegetarians.

        As India contains a majority of the vegetarian population, this supplement is a perfect fit for its people.

        It is 100% gluten-free and GMO-free. It is even made and formulated in India by experts who qualify in retaining superfoods’ standards.

        How does 24-in-1 Daily Superfoods benefit us?

          The supplement has many health benefits, some of them are listed here:

          • It gives you a complete dose of nutrition so you never have to rely on other multivitamins or multiple supplements.

          • It gives you a great boost in immunity as your body needs immunity to remain protected from several diseases in the pandemic and other times.

          • It gives you the energy to stay alive and perform any strenuous chores throughout the day. No matter how hard your days are, you will be able to do well.

          • It detoxifies your body and removes harmful toxins from the digestive system and other organs so you never are at risk of any infection.

          • It reduces stress and oxidation with the help of numerous herbs present in this supplement.

          • It has so many antioxidants that can remove toxins from your body and improve your immunity, blood circulation and functions.

          Other Multivitamins Vs. 24-In-1 Daily Superfoods

          If you try consuming other multivitamins, you must have seen that they’re very expensive and contain limited vitamins and minerals.

          For example, some supplements only have vitamins A, B and C. You may have to buy other supplements to get other important vitamins and minerals.

          However, 24-In-1 Daily Superfoods is different and safe, it is compact and contains literally every small thing your body needs to function youthfully. 

          • There are no side effects of consuming 24-In-1 Daily Superfoods and you can take it for as long as you want.

          • You do not need a doctor’s prescription to consume this supplement but you may need a doctor’s prescription to get other supplements.

          • It is 100% natural and is safe for everyone, this might not be the case with every supplement.

          • It is made for vegans and vegetarians and hence can be consumed by everyone.


          If you really want to improve your overall health and boost your immunity, 24-In-1 Daily Superfoods is your answer to overall health enhancement. 24 in 1 Daily Superfood is the best multivitamin supplement for men and women available in India.

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