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Cashew Nuts - Health Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

The rich flavour, beautiful colour and that snacky taste are what makes cashew a popular nut.

Cashew nuts are extremely popular and considered to be versatile as they can be eaten raw, added in salads, cooked and boiled as well.

Actually, the skin of cashew covers it and needs to be removed before selling it in the market.

The entire process of removing its skin and amplifying its taste and exterior makes it a very expensive nut. It is a native nut to Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands.

Health benefiting properties of Cashew Nuts:

An ounce of Cashew Nuts contains some calories and proteins, fat, carbs, fibre, copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, iron, selenium, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folate, lutein, zeaxanthin, fatty acids, other amino acids, and vitamin K and B6. (USDA)

Uses of Cashew Nuts:

  • Loaded with Fatty Acids

Cashew Nuts are loaded with healthy fatty acids and fats. These fatty acids are exceptionally good for your heart health. 

The fatty acids and healthy fats from cashews provide you with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, including oleic, and palmitoleic acids that can lower bad cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

These fatty acids are also useful in improving and maintaining good brain and mental health.

  • Loaded with Protein

Those who are vegan or vegetarian know how difficult it is to consume daily protein requirement.

We need to consume protein every day to ensure our organs work well and hormones are secreted and their levels are maintained.

A lot of nuts, especially cashews, have a great amount of protein. Eating cashews every day will provide your body with a good amount of protein that helps in building muscles, creating cellular compounds and providing your body with energy.

  • Good Source of Copper

Cashews contain the highest amount of copper. Studies explain how one ounce of cashew nuts can contain 620-650 micrograms of copper.

Since the daily copper intake of an adult is recommended to be 900 micrograms, cashews do their jobs well.

Copper deficiency is one of the leading causes of many health issues, especially ageing and fatigue. Hence, make a rule that you consume at least a few cashews every day.

  • Promotes Bone Health

Copper and Magnesium in cashew nuts can do a great job in preventing bone diseases. Cashew nuts improve bone density and make them stronger. 

Consuming a few cashew nuts every day can reduce osteoporosis pain and prevent joint pain or degradation in adults and elderlies. Cashews also prevent bone cells from oxidation and maintain tissue health. Nuts can help manage joint pain and make them tolerable.

  • Lowers LDL ‘Bad’ Cholesterol

We all know how our body has some good and bad cholesterol levels. Good cholesterol may help our hearts function well, but bad cholesterol may kill us.

Cashew Nuts contain healthy fats from the stearic acids that can naturally work on reducing bad cholesterol levels.

Just a few cashews every day can reduce the oxidation of the plaque deposits and improve the quality of blood flow and circulation. Cashews maintain HDL ‘Good’ cholesterol and help in reducing LDL ‘Bad’ Cholesterol.

  • Lowers High Blood Sugar Levels

Cashews do not contain a lot of carbs that can make your metabolism slow. Most diabetes patients are not allowed to eat too many carbohydrates or fatty foods; however, cashew nuts can be a great snack for them.

Eating a few cashews can fill your tummy and stop you from eating more. Also, diabetics are prone to being overweight or obese. Protein from cashews can help them feel full and eat less.

  • May Aid In Weight Loss

Eating cashew nuts with other nuts at the right time of the day can help you lose weight. Most doctors and nutritionists will advise you to consume cashew nuts in the morning, with your breakfast or as your breakfast. 

This helps your body get the daily need for protein and healthy fatty acids. Cashews can make you feel full and heavy in no time.

This can limit your cravings and that’s how they can help you lose some weight.

  • Skin Nourishment

Cashews and their oil can be a miraculous remedy for your skin. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of cashews and their oil can benefit and nourish your skin in many ways.

It contains so many minerals such as zinc, copper, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and many more.

These are hard to obtain every day from your meals. Hence, cashews or cashew oil can help. It is better to consume cashews every day than to spend a lot of money at your dermatologist’s clinic, right?

  • Fibre-Rich Nuts

Cashews contain a lot of dietary fibres that can help improve and regularise bowel movements.

Some dietary fibres in Cashew Nuts are not naturally produced by our body and can only be consumed through foods. Cashews help fulfil these requirements and reduce bloating, IBS, and other digestive problems.

  • Hair Nourishment

Not may know this but cashew oil can be topically applied to your hair too! The fatty acids help produce more collagen that reverses ageing and produces melanin that helps your hair become darker.

Additionally, eating cashews can make your hair stronger from its roots and prevent breakage.

  • Improves Eyesight

Zeaxanthin in Cashew Nuts helps our retina to view things better. Cashew Nuts prevent our eyesight from being deteriorated by forming a protective layer outside the retina which prevents the eyes from the harmful effects of the UV rays. 

Side-Effects of Cashew Nuts:

Cashew nuts like most nuts are considered to be safe for consumption. They can even be used as medicines by your doctor.

Since these nuts contain so many health benefits and nutrients, they are 100% beneficial for your overall health, but you must consult a doctor before consuming these every day in bulk. Overconsumption may, of course, lead to some side-effects. (WebMD)

  • Topical application of cashew paste may not be safe for sensitive skin.
  • Some people may be allergic to cashews.
  • It may cause bloating, nausea, constipation, weight gain, and joint swelling.
  • It may cause redness and burning of the skin in rare cases.

Consume organic cashews only! Do not buy them from random sellers.


Overall, cashew nuts can help in heart, joint, brain, stomach, digestive, cholesterol and blood disorders.

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