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Coriander Leaves – Health Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Coriander is another herb that is widely used all over the world to garnish the food of all types.

The seed of this plant is used for medicinal purposes. Coriander has a wide range of uses from digestion problems to curing joint pain.

When can you find pain relief in the conditions of hernia, hemorrhoids, toothaches, bowel spasms, measles, nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhoea etc?

Coriander is used as a type of culinary spice and to prevent food poisoning in the food. It is also used as a flavouring agent in tobacco and medicine as well to add fragrance in soaps and cosmetics.

If you look online you will find that coriander has several uses as well as health benefits. Let us look at them one by one.

Health Benefits of Coriander Leaves:

  • Helps to lower the blood sugar

High level of blood sugar causes and risk of type 2 diabetes. Uses of coriander leaves, seeds, extracted oil etc. can help to remove the sugar content from the blood thereby reducing the sugar level.

Therefore people suffering from low blood sugar and taking diabetic medicines must be very careful with the use of coriander in the diet.

  • Consists of immune-boosting antioxidants

Cellular damage takes place in the body because of the presence of free radicals. This can be prevented by the use of coriander as it is rich in antioxidants.

The presence of antioxidants in coriander has shown to fight the inflammation in the body thereby reducing the chances of breast, prostate, lungs, skin cancer etc. These antioxidants boost the immune system of the human body.

  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases

Coriander has medicinal properties that reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Coriander consists of a diuretic substance that helps to flush the excess sodium and water from the body reducing the risk of heart diseases.

  • Protects the brain health

Coriander has effects that protect against brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, sclerosis.

All of these diseases are associated with inflammation in the body. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help to prevent these illnesses. Coriander also helps to manage the issue of anxiety.

  • Promotes healthy digestion

The oil extracted from the coriander seed helps to promote healthy digestion. Coriander is also considered to be an appetite stimulant.

The medicinal properties of coriander help to reduce the bloating, abdominal pain, and discomfort in the stomach.

  • Fights infections

There are antimicrobial compounds present in the coriander. These antimicrobial compounds help to fight against several infections.

It also helps to fight through any infections. It consists of dodecenal that helps to fight against salmonella.

The antibacterial properties present in coriander help to prevent infections like UTI caused by bacteria.

Uses of Coriander Leaves:

  • Maintain your oral health

Coriander can be used along with your toothpaste to brush your teeth. It not only whitens the teeth but also maintains the freshness and removes odour from your mouth. It also helps to reduce the ulcers in the mouth.

  • Get rid of the lenses

Coriander helps to promote eye health. It is rich in vitamin c and vitamin A that helps to fight against degenerative eye diseases.

People working for long hours can use coriander to reduce the stress on the eyes. Coriander also consists of beta-carotene that helps to prevent visual impairment in elderly people.

  • Manage the PMS

It is very well known how girls go through psychological and emotional changes when they are on their periods.

They use chocolates and other foods as comfort food which can cause harmful effects on the body.

Instead of choosing the unhealthy food items one can always opt for coriander as it helps to increase the cortisol level in the body.

  • Break your way through anxiety

Coriander is used to relieve stress. People suffering from anxiety disorders should consume coriander regularly.

Cortisone present in the coriander helps to relieve the mind from anxiety and helps to relax. Cortisone calms the nerves to reduce anxiety.

  • Coriander promotes anti-acne treatment

Coriander has antibacterial properties that help to reduce the infections caused on your skin due to bacteria and other airborne factors.

You can prevent the occurrence of acne by using coriander. You can also treat blackheads using coriander.

  • Detoxify your body

Coriander can be used with water to reduce the toxins from your body. The antibacterial property of coriander is used to flush all the toxins out to your body and can help you to shed several pounds if used regularly.

Side Effects of Coriander Leaves:

It may be hard to believe that beneficial items like coriander can also have side effects when used in an over quantity.

  • Liver problems

Though Coriander is used to prevent damages to your liver, the extensive use of coriander can result in the overproduction of bile juice. This can cause abdominal diseases and can result in abnormalities.

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Overuse of coriander by pregnant or lactating women can cause them severe damage. The coriander when used extensively, can cause harm to both the fetus and can also damage the reproductive glands.

  • Sun Sensitivity

Sometimes the extensive use of coriander can cause the skin to become highly sun-sensitive. This can cause several sunburns to your body. People with skin issues should consult s doctor before using it or buying it.

  • Can cause hypoglycaemia

As Coriander consists of medical properties that lower the blood sugar, it proves to be highly effective on people having high blood sugar.

But excessive intake of coriander can cause the sugar level to drop and can cause hypoglycaemia in your body.

  • Skin problems

Generally, coriander is beneficial for skin but sometimes excessive use of coriander seeds on your skin can irritate it and cause itching, spots, and blemishes.

Therefore you need to be careful with the use of coriander in your daily life.

Hope you liked the health benefits, uses and side effects of coriander leaves. 🙏


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