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Cumin – Health Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Cumin is essentially a leafy plant that is scientifically known as Cuminum cyminum L. It grows low to the ground and is found substantially in India, China, Middle East, and the Mediterranean region.

The cumin seed, as you must have heard before, is a very popular spice and has always been a subject of medical research.

 Today, we are going to discuss some of the most important benefits of cumin and try to get you acquainted with its side effects and uses. So, let’s get started.

Health Benefits of Cumin

Most of the benefits related to cumin have to do with improving the digestive abilities of your body and boosting immunity. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Cumin contains antioxidants 

The cumin seeds have naturally occurring antioxidants that keep the free radicals in check.

These free radicals tend to attack the body cells and destroy them over time. Cumin keeps that from happening and makes you feel healthier and energetic without making your skin look aged.

2. Cumin shows anticancer properties

Studies have shown that cumin has the ability to keep cancer cells in check. Cumin stops them from multiplying and its anticancer abilities were found when it was tested over rats suffering from colon cancer.

Basil and cumin are the only plants that are effective in treating cancer.

3. Cumin helps treat diarrhea

Traditional medicine makers have done a great job by finding the benefits of cumin. The fact that it helps in the treatment of diarrhea was found centuries ago.

4. Cumin controls blood sugar

As a herbal drug, cumin has been used to cure diabetes and some of the studies have shown that it really works.

The drug-containing cumin extracts have helped many patients manage their condition and get over diabetes. Cumin oil, by the way, is a hypoglycemic agent.

5. Cumin is an Antiseptic Agent

If you are looking for a natural and effective antiseptic agent, look no further. Cumin seed extracts have been popular as an effective larvicide.

The strains of bacteria that are otherwise resistant have been killed by the oil extracted from cumin seeds. Thus, it keeps the immune system intact.

6. Cumin is Anti-inflammatory

Cumin seeds have active ingredients that show characteristics of an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent.

What this means is that you can use cumin seed extracts in your diet, especially if you are suffering from any kind of inflammation that triggers other health problems.

The essential oils that are extracted from cumin seeds work to mitigate several health problems, especially pain due to inflammation.

7. Cumin helps lower cholesterol

Cumin is known worldwide for its hypolipidemic properties. Hypolipidemic is essentially a substance that is effective in controlling high levels of cholesterol that might hurt your heart and body.

8. Cumin aids in weight loss

Did you know that cumin can help you lose weight? Well, we know that there is more research needed to confirm that, but some of the results of recent experiments done on overweight women suggest that cumin might hold the key to cure obesity.

9. Cumin boosts memory

If you are looking for sharper memory and greater control over your limbs, cumin can just be the thing.

It helps you by stimulating your CNS and making it more and more responsive and effective.

Uses of Cumin

Let’s discuss some of the uses of Cumin. We have already discussed what cumin seeds are made of and how they are beneficial for your body and health.

The traditional use of cumin has been around curing inflammation, increased urination, indigestion, and many other problems.

Also, the cumin powder can be used as a suppository and can be taken orally as well. There are many general uses of cumin as well.

Cumin has always been a major ingredient of curry and chili powders.

It has been flavouring commercial food products for years. Cumin oil is used to flavor alcoholic beverages and desserts.

Creams and lotions get their fragrance from cumin. Cumin seeds are used in cooking. The components of cumin seeds are rich in antioxidants that reduce the blood sugar and improve eyesight.

Side Effects of Cumin

You will be surprised to know this, but most of the studies about finding the side effects of cumin have been inconclusive!

But still, there are many precautions that you must take while you are dealing with cumin.

We know that cumin is generally safe and nontoxic and large doses of cumin will not make your body stop functioning.

One of the most talked-about side effects of cumin is the role it plays in suppressing testosterone levels in men.

This means that high doses of cumin might make men less fertile. Also, cumin in some cultures has been known as a substance that can cause miscarriages.

Therefore, we highly recommend you keep your cumin intake in check and most importantly, consult with your doctor before in taking cumin.

Over to You

Cumin surely has many evidence-based benefits that are great for your body and mind. Although we have known the positives for centuries, scientists are able to find more and more about the benefits of cumin. Only time can tell what else can we use cumin for.

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