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10 Health Benefits of Drinking Milk at Night

Milk, since time immemorial, has been viewed as the magic potion for good health and well-being.

It offers a host of health benefits as it possesses several vitamins and minerals essential for good health. Hence, milk is labelled as a full meal in itself by nutritionists.

There is often a squabble on whether the best time to have milk is before going to bed or in the morning.

Nutritionists are also trying to get the conclusion on the same. But as there is some evidence which says drinking milk at night has some amazing health benefits, let us find out!

Health benefiting properties of Milk:

Milk is an abundant source of calcium, sodium, proteins, vitamins (A, K, and B12), fats, amino acids, fibres, and antioxidants. The nutritional composition of milk is highly complex, and it has almost every individual nutrient that your body needs.

One cup (240ml) of cow’s milk with 3.25% fats serves you with 149 calories, 88% of water, 7.7 grams of protein, 11.7 grams of carbs, 12.3 grams of sugar, 8 grams of fats, and surprisingly 0 grams of fibre. (USDA)

Health Benefits of Drinking Milk at Night:

  • Provides Peaceful Sleep

Drinking milk before bed not only helps you fall asleep easier and faster but also gives you a good quality of sleep. This happens because of some essential components and nutrients present in milk.

An amino acid named tryptophan which plays an essential role in the production of serotonin is present in milk and the neurotransmitter, in turn, improves your mood, induces relaxation, and acts as a precursor in the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Hence, a glass of milk at bedtime usually does the trick in getting the much-required relaxation and 8-hour sleep.

  • Aids Bone Health

As we all know that calcium aids bone health. And milk contains a high amount of vitamin D used to process calcium shape sharp bones.

Therefore, milk can support the body in healing itself overnight and in the renewal of any depleted vitamin D content.

Vitamin D may also compensate for the prevalence and damage induced by certain conditions like osteoporosis, also known as the ‘breakdown bone’. Thus, milk has many bone-strengthening properties.

  • May Protect Against Cancer

The two main nutrients that have proven to be a shield against cancer are calcium and vitamin D.

And these power-packed nutrients are present in a sufficient proportion in milk which makes milk stand against cancer. 

Calcium decreases the chances of colon cancer or rectal cancer because of its capability to shield the bowel lining.

Vitamin D decreases the risk of stomach cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer. Hence, milk can be a shield against cancer.

  • Energy Source

Drinking milk at night provides energy. Especially drinking a warm cup of milk before bed can show great effects on the following day. 

It significantly influences you to wake up with revitalized energy. And helps you to remain active all day long with good spirits and energy.

  • Reduces Stress Levels

Pouring yourself a cup of milk before bed is a great strategy to diminish stress. Milk has a protein named Latium which decreases blood pressure, relaxes muscles, and reduces body cortisol levels.

This impacts on providing calmness to the body. And helps reducing tension, stress, and anxiety and thus giving you a sound mind and sound body to sleep. 

  • Promotes Heart Health

Milk is filled with vitamins A, D, and calcium which helps the heart’s wellbeing. Drinking low-fat milk can help to cut down LDL (bad) cholesterol and also improve HDL (good) cholesterol. Thus keeping the heart in pink of health.

Another essential nutrient found in milk is potassium. It can help the blood vessels dilate and reduce blood pressure which is healthy for a good heart. Overall milk does wonders in the well-being of the heart. 

  • Combats Intestinal Disorders

Now, this is something not everyone would know, drinking cold milk at night can bring about immediate relief from acidity! Yes, it surely does! It can also help in keeping common stomach issues like constipation, flatulence at bay.

Milk, when combined with honey, works as a prebiotic which may nurture the growth of good bacteria and eliminate disease-causing bad bacteria in the gut. And consuming this before bed may include the advancement of healthy digestion.

  • Protects Against Cold and Cough

The perfect combination of turmeric with milk has done wonders in the field of medicines.

It is an ancient remedy to ease cold and cough symptoms. And regular siping of turmeric milk in proportion at night can help you cope up with cough and cold. 

Turmeric milk has great antibacterial properties which not only ease cold and cough whereas even prevents its emergence in the first stage. 

  • Helps to Overcome Late Night Hunger Pangs

Mostly when you are on a diet, and you tend to feel hungry at night, you are often attracted to the food kept in your refrigerator.

At that point in time, a glass of milk can be your saviour and fill your tummy up.

The high protein content in milk keeps you full for a prolonged period of time keeping your hunger pangs at bay.

  • Fosters Good Skin

Surprisingly! Drinking milk at night can provide you with healthy skin too!

The protein in milk will help you promote the elasticity of the skin as you mature. Milk also includes a recognized anti-ageing and antioxidant that preserves the skin. Vitamin D in milk is also a vitamin against ageing.

Side-Effects of drinking milk at night:

Though there are many health benefits of milk with benefits come adverse effects too.

There are many nutrients in milk that may prove very beneficial to some and these same nutrients can prove to be working the opposite for some too!

Though drinking a proper proportion of milk can have a balanced result. The time of consumption also matters accordingly to everyone.

  • Those who suffer from lactose intolerance are not advised consumption of milk.

  • Sometimes it may cause diarrhoea, gas, bloating, cramps, and many other unpleasant symptoms.

  • More than moderate consumption of milk can also lead to weight gain.

  • Also, a warm glass of milk interferes smooth functioning of the liver. 

  • It can also cause digestive problems sometimes. 

Drink fresh and hygienic milk only! 


This conflict is never-ending but we cannot ignore the multiple health benefits provided by milk.

And also keeping in mind to intake it in proper proportion. Otherwise, what are you waiting for, go and grab your glass of nutrient-rich liquid? 

Hope you liked the health benefits, uses and side effects of drinking milk at night. 🙏

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