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10 Health Benefits of Eating Kaunch Beej

Also known as Cowhage or The Magic Velvet Bean, Kaunch bean is a unique legume plant.

Some may also know it as Mucuna pruriens, Banar Kakua, Cowhage, Kavach, Kaucha, Kewanch, Kaunch, Nasugunne, Naikuruna, Khajkuhilee, Baikhujnee, Tatgajuli, Kawach, Poonaikkali, Doolagondi, Duradagondi, Kanwach, Konch, Kapikacchu. (1mg)

Kaunch Beej is mainly used to increase sexual desire as it has many sexual health-enhancing properties. This plant-based seed can be consumed in the form of a powder, supplement or legume.

Health benefiting properties of Kaunch Beej:

Kaunch Beej contains many essential nutrients. It has carbohydrates, fibres, fats and proteins.

All healthy forms of protein and fats. It also contains great levels of key micronutrients - vitamins and minerals. It has negligible levels of cholesterol and sodium, to promote heart wellness.

In addition, kaunch beej contains considerable quantities of vitamins C and E, to boost immune, skin and hair health. (NetMeds)

The B complex vitamins - thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and folic acid, as well as calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorous, are also found in ample amounts in kaunch beej seeds.

Health Benefits of Eating Kaunch Beej:

  • Good For Gut Health

Kaunch Beej can benefit gut health as it contains so many vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our bodies need to retain the healthy gut flora to fight bad bacteria and diseases.

The antioxidants in Kaunch Beej Powder can help remove all the toxins that are accumulated in your gut health.

Most people have very poor gut health these days and they end up having a sad mood and no energy. Depression and obesity are synonymous with poor gut health too.

  • Rich in Amino Acids

Our body needs amino acids and proteins are they’re the building block of everything. When our body digests protein, what’s left is amino acids.

These amino acids help break down food in your body. Without amino acids, our digestive system will slow down and we will have deficiencies and digestive diseases.

Kaunch Beej contains a lot of amino acid, this is why experts say Kaunch Beej is a rich source of plant-based amino acids and protein. This is important for healthy skin, hair and overall health.

  • Gluten-Free

Many adults and even teens have become gluten intolerant these days. They cannot eat some cereals and their flour as that can cause an allergic reaction or even hay fever or indigestion.

Kaunch Beej has no gluten and can be made into flour to substitute for wheat or other cereals. Many recipes online teach us rotis, sweets, dosas and chillas made of Kaunch Beej flour.

  • Improves Bone Density

Kaunch Beej contains a good amount of calcium which can strengthen bones in children as well as adults.

If you have arthritis or osteoporosis, having Kaunch Beej can certainly ease the symptoms of bone diseases and provide relief from pain.

Pregnant women should often consume calcium-rich food to ensure the baby’s bones are well-formed.

Older people should also eat Kaunch Beej to ensure their bones are reformed well and the bone density improves.

  • Reduces High Blood Sugar Levels

Kaunch Beej contains phytates, tannins, and polyphenols that can help to slow down the digestion process. It is high in calories and contains good amounts of carbs as well which can further slow down digestion.

The slower a person digests his food, the more time glucose takes to get absorbed in the blood.

This process allows your body to convert glucose into energy. Kaunch Beej can hence be consumed by people who want to lose weight and have diabetes.

  • Treats Anaemia

Most women have anaemia these days during their childbearing years. Some children are also affected by iron deficiency, thalassemia and anaemia. 

Kaunch Beej has a lot of iron content that serves well to the people who need iron the most. You can incorporate it in your daily diet and enjoy it in the form of healthy sweets too.

Add some more iron and Omega-3 rich nuts to enjoy your sweets. Iron in Kaunch helps boost haemoglobin levels too.

  • Improves Nervous System Function

Kaunch Beej has tryptophan which releases serotonin, a feel-good hormone, that calms our anxiety and depression. It maintains our mental peace and allows us to sleep well.

Many other amino acids in Kaunch Beej improve the function of the neurotransmitters and allow you to think better and not be very forgetful.

  • Good For Heart Health

Kaunch Beej does not contain cholesterol or sodium which may otherwise harm your heart health.

It also has heart-healthy vitamins and minerals that can flush out toxins and provide great nutrients to your heart.

It has niacin which is considered to be one of the most important vitamins in maintaining cholesterol levels.

Kaunch Beej can maintain HDL and reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol significantly.

  • Good For Sexual Health

Studies explain how this seed is an aphrodisiac and can improve one’s desire, drive, libido and performance in bed.

Since it contains so many healthy nutrients, it can be eaten if you’re planning to conceive soon or want to simply boost your reproductive or sexual health.

  • Benefits During Pregnancy

Some experts believe that soaking Kaunch Beej at night and consuming it in the morning may be great for pregnant and lactating women as it increases milk production and balances the hormones that go up and down during pregnancy.

Side-Effects of Kaunch Beej:

Kaunch Beej is well-tolerated in Ayurveda and most therapeutic remedies. Its supplements, flour and seeds can be safely consumed by everyone as it has no reported side effects yet.

Even if you have a metabolic syndrome, lifestyle disorder, diabetes or other such diseases, Kaunch Beej is safe for you. It only has the following side effects in extremely rare cases:

  • Avoid consuming Kaunch Beej if you have kidney problems as it has too much calcium.

  • It may cause kidney or bladder stones in very rare cases.

  • Pregnant and lactating mothers should consume this only after consulting their gynaecologist.


Kaunch Seed or Beej is an extremely healthy option for anyone who wants to lose weight, stay full and healthy.

It can be consumed on a daily basis too as it has no major side effects. 

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