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Kareena Kapoor Khan Weight Loss Journey & Diet Plan With Workout Plan

Talk about transformation and there’s only one Bollywood actress that comes to our minds: Kareena Kapoor Khan. Kareena is well-known for two biggest transformations: Her Size Zero & Her Weight Loss After Delivery.

In this article, we’ll have a look at how the actress managed to impress her audience every time she had a new role.

Kareena’s nutritionist, Rutuja Diwekar, says that one doesn’t need to cut down on his or her food to look good.

They must eat nutritious foods to remain sexy and healthy. Hence, Kareena Kapoor is always seen following a sustainable diet plan.  

How was Kareena’s weight loss journey all these years?

For Kareena, weight loss was never really a goal. She always aimed at eating healthier foods. She never really starved herself as well. 

Kareena has always been spotted eating healthy and lean proteins, except for meat. Although she is a Kapoor, she eats rice and vegetables very often.  

Kareena was seen flaunting her size zero for Tashan a few years ago. She said that she only ate Momos and Thupkas, the local food available there.

She focused more on exercising her core. Kareena even believes in getting adequate rest as that can keep her sane.

After having her first son, Taimur, Kareena accepted that she had gained a lot. She was often spotted outside her gym by paparazzi.

She declared that having a simple, home-cooked meal, exercising regularly, and going to bed early, helped her lose a lot of weight after the delivery.

Now that the gorgeous Chammak Challo is expecting another child, she is already eating healthy and nutritious foods.

Her motive is clear, she just wants to remain hydrated, well-rested and in shape.

What does Bebo eat?

Our beautiful Bebo loves dividing her meals. She usually prefers to have 6-8 small-sized meals every day. 

  • Morning Rituals

Kareena Kapoor prefers having soaked black raisins with Kesar in the morning.

Black raisins are rich in iron, antioxidants and dietary fibres. They help regulate bowel movements, lower blood sugar, blood cholesterol and high blood pressure. 

She also likes eating soaked almonds with a banana. Soaked almonds have an improved nutritional value as they become fluffy in the morning.

A fibrous banana can help the body get adequate protein and vitamins too.

After having some soaked nuts and raisins, she prefers heading for a warm workout.

This helps her metabolism start well. Having soaked raisins and almonds can have excellent benefits for your skin and hair. Also, these are nutritious yet not fat-storing.

  • The Breakfast

Having a stuffed paratha in the morning can keep her energetic throughout the day.

She stuffs her paratha with various vegetables and dahls. Various vegetables in your parathas can serve you with lots of minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

Sometimes, she prefers eating chapatis or tortillas with cottage cheese and vegetables. She also loves adding a dollop of ghee on top of her parathas or chapatis.

  • The Mid-Meal

The Pataudi Queen loves Coconut Water. It helps her remain hydrated in the sun. She also loves having green salads. She includes as many green leafy vegetables as she can. 

The salad and coconut-water meal can help you remain nourished. It is a low-calorie meal too! Kareena admits that she loves snacking so much.

This is the perfect way to snack because you’re not taking any extra calories. 

  • The Lunch

Kareena loves rice and she admits that she and her husband can’t live a day without rice.

Her breakfast includes steamed rice and yogurt or dahi. Yogurt helps accelerate the functioning of digestive enzymes.

It also suppresses appetite. The probiotics are often taken before evening, preferably during lunch. 

  • The Post-Lunch Snack

Kareena loves munching nuts. Hence, her nutritionist makes her have a handful of walnuts and cheese.

Walnuts are rich in Omega-3 and cheese is a great way of consuming healthy or unsaturated fats.

It helps her absorb fat-soluble Vitamins A, D, E and K. This snack is so energy-boosting!

  • The Evening Munchies

Since Kareena is always on a strict diet, she isn’t allowed to eat cookies or cakes. She rather loves milkshakes and smoothies.

The evening smoothies consist of mangoes, bananas, litchi and other tropical fruits.

Potassium-rich smoothies are advised as she has to watch her figure always. 

  • The Portion-Controlled Dinner

Kareena controls her dinner portions more than anything. She eats khichri, an Indian meal consisting of healthy dahl and vegetables with some white polished rice.

She also loves eating some raita along. This helps her system remain cool and calm. 

  • The Last Munchie

At the end of the day, she rarely feels hungry. If she does, she eats a fruit that is easy to digest. This helps her skin and internal organs remain hydrated.

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Kareena believes in drinking lukewarm water every time she drinks water. This can suppress hunger cravings and help in burning fats.

She limits her calories to 1600-1700 every day and burns a lot of calories too. Now let us have a look at Bebo’s workout routine.

What kinds of exercises does Taimur’s Mommy do?

Reducing belly fat after having a child is a very tough task. I am sure all mommies can relate here.

Here’s what Kareena did to lose weight after delivery and while aiming for a zero figure. 

  • CARDIO: This ensures that your body and heart work in accordance with each other.
  • YOGA: Kareena practices Ashtang Yoga, Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Surya Namaskar, Naukasana, Virabhadara Asana for her legs, Kapalbharti and many more.
  • STRENGTH TRAINING: She believes in strengthening her core more than anything.
  • TREADMILL WALK: Kareena walks on a treadmill at a steady speed for 40 minutes at least once a week. This helps her burn more calories on a low-feel day.
  • CORE WORKOUT: This helps Bebo reduce her belly fat and always be in a curve.
  • PILATES: According to Kareena, this helps a lot with her arms and core workout.
  • REST AND RECOVERY: Kareena has a day in her week for her rest and recovery too. She believes that such days can help her recover physically as well as mentally.

    How is Kareena so determined to lose weight and be in shape always?

    Well, of course, she has to be in the industry… That’s what most will think. But for Bebo, being in shape and being fit is the most important thing.

    Her weight loss journey is quite unique as she eats home-cooked food with easily available ingredients.

    Also, her exercise routine is easy as we all know how to perform these workouts.

    The only difference between Bebo and we, the others, is that we don’t really do it every day. Bebo knows the complications that a human can face if they ignore health.

    So repeat after me, “I can do what Bebo does!”

    We’re sure you can lose weight if you follow Bebo’s steps.

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