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How to Lose Belly Fat in a Week with Apple Cider Vinegar

The yummy food is not the only reason behind your belly fat. Stress and an unhealthy lifestyle can also lead to obesity.

Many people suffer from obesity, while some people just feel they need to reduce weight to stay fit.

We are not going to discuss the reason for obesity, but we'll see why you should reduce it and how you can do it.

Why Should You Reduce Belly Fat? Know the Reasons

Everyone wants to reduce belly fat, but is there a specific reason behind it? When you know the reason, it becomes a little easier to work in that direction.

  • The prime reason for reducing belly fat should be staying healthy. Obesity means having excessive fat than required, and it leads to many diseases. Obesity can also affect your daily routine and makes you feel tired and lazy.
  • People who are obese often lose their confidence. Obesity or excessive weight can thus impact your emotional and mental health.
  • Also, obesity increases the risks of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease etc.

For any reason, obesity is not a good sign and reducing weight in a healthy way is always advisable.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)?

Apple cider vinegar is made from apple juice after fermenting it. It is very nutritious and helps us stay fit. Moreover, it has very low calories.

ACV is widely used these days for maintaining good health. Having acid in low volume helps in detoxification and keeps many diseases away.

It also acts as an anti-bacterial drink that prevents allergies and reduces the risk for bacteria generated diseases.

How Effective Is It for Reducing Weight?

Apple cider vinegar contains the nutrition of apples. The acetic acid present in apple cider vinegar helps in reducing weight effectively.

Recently, many people claimed that consuming apple cider vinegar helped them in reducing their obesity to a great extent. It manages sugar levels and keeps you healthy.

You can use ACV to detoxify your body, and this gets a healthy body. This acid is mixed into your blood and breaks the fat content. Then it detoxifies the body and releases the fat.

How to Consume It?

There are various ways of consuming apple cider vinegar. As a first option, you can replace your normal vinegar with apple cider vinegar. It will not only improve your health but also add a good taste to your cooked food.

However, if you are looking for belly fat reduction with the help of apple cider vinegar, then you should consider consuming it properly.

However, you cannot consume it directly as a juice. Its dilution is necessary because the apple cider vinegar is very strong and can harm your body if you drink it as it is.

Also, remember that Apple cider vinegar comes in two forms. One is the clarified or refined form that looks like normal vinegar.

Another form is with pulp. It is also called vinegar with mother. You will see small particles of apple pulp in this vinegar. It is not a refined form of vinegar and is more beneficial to health.

You should consider buying a good quality ACV with mother for better results.

To lose weight, you can consume it in different ways:

  • With Water

To improve your health and also to reduce weight, consume ACV as a drink. As already said, you cannot drink it as it is, but you can take a small amount and mix it with lukewarm water to consume it.

Morning is the best time to drink it. Take it before eating anything and detox your body. You can also have this drink at night. There are many other benefits of consuming ACV at night. Drink it before you sleep.

  • With Water, Lemon and Salt

If you are not the one who can drink anything, no matter how bad it tastes, you need some additions. ACV may not seem to be good enough to taste, and hence you can mix lemon and salt into this for a better taste. Honey can also be added for a sweet and sour taste.

  • In Salad

ACV is not only healthy but also can be tasty when you mix it with salad. Losing weight will be easier if you include veggies in your meal as a salad. But you can make it healthier and tastier by adding a little amount of ACV into it. It will add a little spicy and tangy flavour to your salad.

  • Use In Cooking

As already said, you can replace ACV with your normal vinegar and make your food tastier. Vinegar should not be cooked as it may ruin its taste and aroma.


ACV is a proven formula for weight loss, according to many, but you should take care of a few things while using it.

  • If you think you will lose 5-10 kgs in one week with ACV, that's practically impossible. Even if it is somehow possible, it is not healthy. You will see the results in a week but give it more time for better results.
  • It's a kind of acid and should not be used more. Around one tablespoon of ACV is enough for one day to keep your body healthy. Consuming it in excessive amounts can harm the body.
  • Weight reduction is not an overnight exercise. ACV is effective, but you can't keep a superficial weight reduction goal with this. Over consuming it for faster results will also not work.
  • Direct consumption can hurt your throat and lungs; hence diluting it in water, or another food product is advisable.

Other Ways to Reduce Belly Fat

Only consuming ACV is not enough for weight reduction and healthy life. There are other things to do when you want to reduce weight.

Exercise - Fat deposit happens not only by consuming fatty foods but also when you do not move your body. Hence, exercise is the best way to stay fit.

Water - Water has 0 calories. Drinking more water will keep you full and help in digestion. This will help in releasing fat.

So, just work out daily and eat healthy to stay fit and fine. Belly fat reduction will be possible only when you commit to a healthy lifestyle. 

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