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Methi Water – Health Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

It is an herb having leaves, seeds, roots, and twigs. It is a common spice, supplement, or flavoring agent.

They are brown seeds having a strong sweet aroma. The origin of methi seeds is unknown but usually grown in cool places.

It is traditionally cultivated in places with low amounts of rainfall.

Nutritional Content of Methi Seeds

These seeds have a high amount of nutrition. It contains calories, protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and have zero cholesterol.

Methi seeds consist of the following nutritional molecules. This nutritional value is based on one teaspoon of methi seeds

  • 2mg Sodium
  • 7mg Calcium
  • 1.24mg Iron
  • 7mg Magnesium
  • 28mg Potassium
  • 11mg Phosphorus
  • 0.09mg Zinc
  • 2IU of Vitamin A
  • 0.1mg Vitamin C
  • 0.022mg Vitamin B6
  • 2 micrograms of folate
Methi Water

Methi Water (fenugreek water) are little seeds of a miracle. These have multi-nutritional benefits. Methi water is very easy to prepare.

  • Preparation of methi water
  • To prepare methi water, take some methi seeds and roasts it well.
  • Then make a fine powder of roasted seeds by blending them in a blender.
  • Now add a 1 tsp of fine blended powder in a glass of warm water and mix it.
  • To achieve maximum health benefits, take a single glass of Methi Water in the early morning.

Health Benefits of Methi Water

Methi seeds have many beneficial properties. A small number of seeds can produce a burst of positive effects on health.

Following are some health benefits of drinking a glass of methi water daily;

  • Boost Immunity System

The consumption of Methi Water plays a vital role in inducing heat in the body. It helps to fights against flu, cold, and cough.

It gives vitality to the body and promotes immunity power.

  • Heart Burn

Fenulife is an active component of Methi seeds. Studies shows, fenulife actively reduces the sign of heartburn.

A glass of methi water before a meal can produce this action.

  • Digestion

Its antacid property helps to strengthen the digestive system. It helps to improve the issues related to bloating or gastritis.

  • Weight loss

Intake of methi water in the morning boosts up the metabolism, which helps to reduce the weight.


1. Improvement in Lactation

Intake of methi water is helpful for new mothers. This healthy drink helps promotes the release of milk from breast ducts.

2. Diabetes

The Methi Water also helps to prevent/treat diabetes as it can reduce blood sugar. It resolves the issues around the metabolism of blood sugar.

Other than this, it also improves the sensitivity of insulin.

Methi seeds contain fibers that help to scale down the digestion process. It causes an increase in the absorption of carbs and sugar.

3. Constipation and Gastritis

Methi water helps to prevent constipation. This action is also because of the presence of dietary fibers.

It helps in relieving gastritis and its complications.

4. Menstrual Period

Consumption of methi water helps to reduce the cramps. These also prevent the need for painkillers for the cramps.

5. Boost up Libido

According to the researchers, the intake of methi water in a diet (twice a day) enhances libido in men and women. It will ultimately help in sexual relationships.

6. Eczema

Methi water is a good source of antioxidants. It also possesses anti-inflammatory characteristics.

This drink is usually mixed with other herbs to soothe inflammation of the skin.

7. Hepatotoxicity and renal toxicity

Consumption of methi water in a small amount promotes the good health of the liver/kidney. It also helps to prevent the issues related to the kidney and liver.

8. Hypercholesterolemia

High cholesterol levels can cause problems for the heart. These can lead to the development of plaques in arteries.

Intake of methi water also helps to maintain cholesterol levels in a good range.

9. Carcinoma

Studies show that the consumption of methi water prevents the production of cancer cells. It means that it is a potent anti-carcinoma herb.

10. Antiaging

Methi Water helps in tightening and firming skin. This effect due to the killing of free radicals, which cause dark spots and wrinkles.

It will give a radiant glow on your skin.

11. Hair Growth

Methi water left overnight is a very healthy hair wash solution. It helps in improving hair growth.

Adding aloe vera, coconut oil, or honey can help to get rid of fungal and bacterial infections of the scalp.

Side Effects Of Methi Water

Methi water is safe to consume excessive amounts. Almost everyone well tolerates this drink.

But overconsumption might have some side effects.

1. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women should avoid drinking methi water. It contains oxytocin, which causes contractions or preterm labor.

According to studies, this can give the false alarm of MSUD (Maple-Syrup-Urine-Disease). It can cause a severe scare and unnecessary emergency testing during pregnancy.

2. Bleeding

Methi seeds contain a compound known as coumarin, which serves as a blood-thinning agent.

But this effect is dose dependant. Researchers have not yet established the exact amount that thins the blood.

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid the drink if you suffer from blood disorders. It is not preferable to drink methi water if you are taking blood-thinning medicines.

3. Diarrhea

Its consumption may provoke diarrhea and stomach irritation.

4. Hypoglycemia

A combination of hypoglycemic medicines with methi water is very dangerous for health.

As they both help to reduce the level of blood sugar, which may lead to hypoglycemia.

It is advisable to consult your health physician before consuming methi water.

5. Allergy Problems

Methi seeds belong to the legume family. Some people might develop allergic symptoms from the methi water due to this reason.

These symptoms include rashes, hives, and difficulty in breathing. Whenever these kinds of effects appear, stop consumption of methi water immediately.

6. Skin Dryness

Excess amounts of fenugreek seeds may cause dryness of the skin.

7. Intestinal Ulcer

Methi water is warm. It is advisable for people with intestinal ulcers to avoid this concoction.


Methi seeds react with various medicines, especially with diabetes and blood medicines.

Before taking methi water a person should consult a doctor to avoid such adverse effects.


Methi seeds are tiny brown seeds with blasts of nutrition. Apart from its culinary value, Methi Water has great medicinal importance as well.

It is useful in subsiding the symptoms of any illness.

Its overconsumption may even cause a reversal of these effects. So, it is advisable to consume methi water in nominal amounts to reduce its side effects.

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