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Morning Juice - Health Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Most health-conscious people start their days with a glass of healthy morning juice.

Morning juices could be made from green vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs. These consist of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that most people need the most.

Some common morning juices include ginger, basil, coriander, cucumber, watermelon, apple, curry leaves, fresh mint and parsley, bitter guard, Indian Gooseberry, tomato and beetroot, carrot, kiwi and berries. 

Components and Major Properties of Morning Juices:

A majority of green juices include antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can be helpful in fighting poor eyesight, brain fog and chronic diseases. 

Fruit juices include a lot of Vitamin C, B, A, and E that can help you have good skin, hair and healthy digestion and metabolism.

Herbal juices include antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, immune-boosting, antidiabetic and HDL-promoting properties that can fight diseases and prevent you from falling ill.

Benefits of drinking Juices every morning:

  • More Fibre

Fresh juices contain more fibre than anything. These soluble fibres are said to support healthy bacterial growth and digestive functioning.

In absence of fibre, your body may not be able to digest all foods well. 

Most morning juices have a lot of fibre that can help you regulate your bowel movements and cleanse toxins.

You should drink a lot of oats, nuts, beans or vegetable juices to promote fibre content in your body.

It can improve your skin and hair conditions as well.

  • Rich in Antioxidants

With an increase in oxidative stress and free radicals damage in our body, the oxidation processes are fastened.

This can cause serious damage to your organs and even lead to chronic diseases and death in the worst cases.

Morning juices that include vitamin C, A, B and E, minerals and important nutrients can reduce your chances of suffering from chronic illnesses due to high antioxidant levels.

Consuming darker or fresh fruit juices will help you boost the levels of antioxidants in your body naturally.

  • No Dehydration 

Summers call for an extreme need for hydration. If you drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice every morning, chances are you will never be dehydrated anymore.

The digestive enzymes in these juices will keep you young and energetic throughout the day.

The water content in some fruits is extremely nutritious that keeps your metabolism active and helps your body fight the summer heat and dehydration.

Morning juices are also important for the hydration and moisture of your skin and hair.

  • Normalise Blood Sugar Levels

Studies explain how the fructose content in fruits and some foods can improve the sugar levels in blood naturally.

Avoid drinking packaged juices as they may have artificial sugar in them. Make natural fruit juices at home and drink them immediately to avoid oxidation of the ingredients.

While some juices may have too much sweetness, some are extremely bitter. So talk to your doctor before including any sweet juice or bitter juice depending on your health condition.

  • Treat Obesity

Some juices and smoothies in the morning can make you feel full. Having no breakfast at all or no juice can make your digestive system burn and you will crave more foods.

It is hence advisable to consume more fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies in the morning to avoid feeling hungry at odd hours.

This helps fight obesity and overweight at a steady pace. You may even mix protein powders in your juices and smoothies in the morning to give you an extra boost in energy.

  • Fight Acne, Pimples and Wrinkles

Ageing can hit as hard as puberty and no matter what age you’re at, morning juices can always save you. 

Some leafy vegetables, vitamin-C rich fruits and herbs should be included in your juice recipes every day.

Including oranges, spinach, coriander, lemon, ginger and basil can be very easy and effective in skin treatment.

Providing your skin with more antioxidants can reduce pimples and acne effectively.

This even helps reverse visible signs of ageing on your skin such as wrinkles and pigmentation. Drinking such juices can definitely save the thousands of dollars you would spend at a dermatologist’s clinic.

  • Boost Immunity

Studies suggest consuming vegetable-based and fruit-based juices alternatively to boost your immunity levels.

Some common immune-boosting morning juices include the following:

Black pepper, turmeric, and basil juice for natural anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties.

Apple Cider Vinegar and basil leaves’ juice to fight infections, colds, flu and bacteria.

 Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Beetroot and Carrot juice to boost vitamins and fight chronic deficiencies.

  • Detoxify Your Body

Studies suggest how consuming a plant-based diet and juices in the morning and also throughout the day can improve the amounts of nutrients in your body.

Many toxins are flushed out of your system in the form of sweat, urine and stools. The juices promote healthy functions of cells, kidneys, liver and digestive enzymes that detoxify your body and keep it healthy regularly.

You can add lemon, lemongrass, ginger, garlic, kale, spinach, turmeric and black pepper in your juices for detoxification.

  • Improve Hair Health

Some juices contain polyphenols, flavonoids, and fatty acids that can accelerate hair growth.

It is proven how consumption of lemon and citrus juices can improve hair condition by reducing dandruff and itchy scalp.

Indian Gooseberry juice is said to be a boon for those who’re suffering from heavy hair loss. It can reverse hair loss and even prevent your hair from greying.

  • Improve Vision and Memory

Students and adults should take care of their vision and memory. With pollution and other environmental problems, people have started having blurry vision and foggy memory.

Drinking carrot juice can improve your eye and brain health due to its rich sources of antioxidants, especially Vitamin E.

Side-Effects of drinking Morning Juices:

Morning juices are usually great for your overall health. However, if you consume too many packaged or oxidised juices, they can have adverse health effects as they intoxicate your arteries.

If you plan to buy juices, make sure they’re not heavily processed and do not contain too much artificial sugar. Here are some side-effects of consuming oxidised or packaged juices. (HealthLine)

  • Overconsumption of any juice may lead to an upset stomach.
  • Consuming an extremely acidic juice in the morning can kill the stomach’s digestive enzymes.
  • You may suffer from throat rashes or throat pain if you drink the juices extremely cold.
  • Frequent bowel movements may be experienced by consuming too many probiotics.
  • Extremely sweet juices may increase your sugar levels.


Most fruit juices are good. Make sure you drink them fresh and organic. Wash the fruits, vegetables and herbs thoroughly before you make juices.

And, do not overuse an ingredient!

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