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Muskmelon Fruit - Health Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Muskmelon is that beautiful fruit you need every summer, in fact, you could eat it every day.

Muskmelons are very healthy sources of hydration during summer as our body needs more and more water intake.

It may get difficult to drink water beyond an extent, but eating Muskmelon is just delicious.

Muskmelon is also known as Cucumis melo. It belongs to the gourd family and is often confused with cantaloupes. Cantaloupes can be a muskmelon as there is a variety of them, however, not all Muskmelons are cantaloupes.

Health benefiting properties of Muskmelon Fruit:

Muskmelons contain good amounts of carbohydrates, protein, dietary fibres, Potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Sodium, Zinc, Copper, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Choline, Vitamin K and others.

It is also a very good antioxidant with many health-benefitting properties such as anti-inflammatory, cooling, antidiabetic, de-stressing, anticancer, anti-ageing, aromatic and eye health-enhancing vitamins.

Health Benefits & Uses of Muskmelon Fruit:

  • Good for Eyes

Muskmelon contains vitamin A and C in good amounts. These vitamins are very essential for your eye health as they clear your vision and help you see clearly.

Vitamin C can especially remove the toxins that keep harming your eye health. Together, these vitamins and minerals prevent your eyesight from becoming weak.

It even has carotene that is crucial for your eyes. You need carotene-rich foods to have crystal clear eyesight even when you age.

This fruit prevents eye diseases such as dry eyes, cataracts and many more.

  • Reduces Hypertension

Many people have high blood pressure during summer, or even low for some reasons.

This is all because some people may not be able to manage stress while some may have difficulty flushing out toxins. 

Muskmelon contains a good amount of potassium which helps regulate blood pressure and reduces the risk of hypertension. It even helps widen the blood vessels that may otherwise raise the blood pressure.

  • Low-Calorie Fruit

Muskmelon is a low-calorie fruit that can be eaten anytime. It is so healthy and rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that even the obese can consume it. Muskmelon has fewer calories than most fruits and grains. 

Additionally, Muskmelon doesn’t contain too many carbs, sugar or fats. Since most people who want to lose weight should avoid high carbs and sugar-rich foods, Muskmelon is perfect for them.

The fruit has so much water content that it will keep you full for most of the day and make you eat lesser. This is another way how it can help you lose weight.

  • Good for Diabetics

Muskmelon contains a lot of fibre content that slows down the absorption of glucose in your blood.

This makes it easy for you to remain full and not have a spike in your sugar levels too. 

You can have muskmelon fruit juice with watermelon or some low-sugar fruits and still not worry about insulin resistance. Studies prove how eating fibre-rich foods can increase the production of insulin and reduce insulin resistance.

  • Boosts Immunity

Both Vitamin A and C are very good boosters of immunity. Vitamin C, especially, is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight the bad bacteria, virus and toxins that enter your system.

Regular consumption of Muskmelon reduces your chances of falling sick as it improves your immunity, gut health and blood cells functions.

You can expect a relatively higher immunity and less risk of contracting diseases.

  • Improves Skin Conditions

Muskmelon has so many antioxidants that help to remove the impurities from your skin.

It also contains some collagen that helps your skin look younger and glowing. It improves the condition of your skin cells and helps them regenerate too.

Additionally, Muskmelon has so much water content that your skin will never be dry or dehydrated. It promotes healthy pH of your skin as it contains ample Vitamin C that removes excess dirt, toxins and oils.

  • Reduces Stress

We’re all stressed these days and have so much work to do. We need to eat some foods that keep us happy and stress-free.

Muskmelon is one of those fruits that can help us manage stress on a daily basis. Since Muskmelon contains potassium, which is important for your brain functions, it calms your heart palpitations and promotes more oxygen supply to your brain.

Consuming one bowl of Muskmelon every day in the afternoon can make you stress-free.

  • Reduces Inflammation

Muskmelon is a cooling fruit and doesn’t amplify the heat and inflammation in your body.

You can have a muskmelon every day if you have chronic inflammation-related diseases.

It is also very beneficial in fighting oxidative stress and damage caused by free radicals that can further amplify inflammation. This fruit’s vitamins and minerals can reduce inflammation every day.

Some studies explain how it reduces pains and cramps due to inflammation during menstruation and pregnancy.

  • Good for Lungs

Vitamin A and C in Muskmelon help fight the pollution, toxins and smoking-related depletion of vitamins and minerals in your body. These vitamins are restored and help your lungs function well. It helps prevent asthma.

Our lungs need Vitamin A to rejuvenate cells and breathe fresh air and oxygen fully. In absence of Vitamin A, our lungs cannot get the full amount of oxygen or air.

  • Good for Hair

Certain vitamins and minerals (Vitamin A, especially) in Muskmelon promote hair growth in adults as well as children. You can have a bowl of Muskmelon as your breakfast and see the change.

It also helps treat many hair-related problems.

Side-Effects of Muskmelon Fruit:

There are no recorded side-effects of the fruit Muskmelon, it can be consumed by kids, adults and old people too.

It is said it should be avoided during pregnancy as it is full of fibre and takes time to be digested.

Some pregnant women may take time to digest it and have digestive problems. Only the rarest cases show signs of allergy. It is generally regarded as safe for consumption.


You can even mash Muskmelon and prepare a skin or hair mask. It will literally make your skin and hair glow.

It is also useful and beneficial for your heart and overall health. Enjoy Muskmelons every day!

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