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Mustard Oil - Benefits, Uses, Side Effects (Hidden Truth)

They say, “Almost anything is edible with a dab of mustard.”

The smallest mustard seeds grow into the biggest beneficial trees: This is a great metaphor for the benefits of mustard.

Just a pinch of this versatile condiment can be extremely beneficial for one’s health. It is smaller than all herb seeds, but when grown, it is bigger than any herbal plant.

That’s the greatness of mustard. And, when the seeds of mustards are pressed, the best oil is received.

It is obtained in the form of vegetable oil and edible oil; both are equally beneficial to human health.

This is a heating aromatic oil used in cooking and improving hair and skin quality.

How is Mustard oil obtained?

Mustard oil is made by pressing mustard seeds that are available in three colours: black, brown and white. The oil produced is a spicy, pungent and aromatic one.

The best mustard oil is the one used for cooking known as the edible mustard oil.

It is made by grinding mustard seeds, mixing them with water and then extracting the edible oil by the process of distillation.

What does Mustard oil taste like?

If I had to describe its taste, I can say just one word: Pungent yet delicious. Some people say it is a bit bitter, but bitter is better, don’t you think?

It has a very powerful taste which makes it the best to be used on salads as a dressing oil or in cooking for a good aromatic flavour.

It has a similar taste to a turnip or a radish. Trust me, health matters more than the taste does.

How does Mustard oil appear to be?

There are thousands of mustard oil brands in the market today, so we can’t really say what is its exact colour. 

However, when it is extracted, the original colour obtained is amber or reddish-brown.

Though mustard seeds are commonly available in black and brown colour, sometimes white, the oil is usually amber. It appears to be thicker than any other oil.

What is in Mustard Oil?

You know how people keep saying eat less oily, it is not so good for your health… It is not the same for mustard oil, you may want to consume the edible mustard oil and use for external uses too.

That too, very often… This oil has so many great qualities, you just don’t want to ignore it.

The best quality mustard oil is rich in MUFA, PUFA, Omega 3 & 6, Vitamin E, Minerals and antioxidants.

A hundred gram of mustard seeds crushed can give you 35 grams of pure mustard oil that has:

  • Some fatty acids such as Palmitic, Stearic, Arachidic, Behenic, Lignoceric, Oleic, Eicosenoic, Erucic, Linoleic, and Linolenic.
  • 30% protein, calcium, phytins, phenolics, and natural anti-oxidants.
  • Some mono-saturated fatty acids and a good ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acids (good for heart patients).
  • Least amount of saturated fatty acids unlike most oils (excellent for the safety of heart patients)
  • Some anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-carcinogenic properties (excellent for medicinal purposes)
  • A favourable balance between Linoleic and Linolenic acids

What are the health benefits of consuming and external uses of Mustard Oil?

Oh my, don’t even get me started on this. This oil is so commonly and traditionally used in Asia, Russia and many other European countries for its medicinal and therapeutic properties.


Many Indians and other Asians use Mustard to massage their hair. As this oil contains protein and omega 3-fatty acids, it nourishes and replenishes your hair cells.

  • If you suffer from hair fall or balding, this is the best solution.
  • Mustard oil is great to deal with dandruff, bacterial infections of the scalp and rough hair.
  • Don’t worry about the smell, there are many great mustard oil brands that smell good.
  • Bonus: It can stop greying of hair too! I bet this one has caught your attention!

Think of anti-ageing and your mustard genie will be there. It is such a good remedy to apply mustard oil and massage on the skin to get wrinkle-free youthful skin.

  • It acts like sunblock or a sunscreen too! Vitamin E in this oil protects you from the UV rays that can damage your skin.
  • If you have rashes, bacterial infection, fungal infection or a sunburn anywhere on your skin, apply and massage mustard oil and you will see its miraculous effects soon.
  • Turmeric mixed with dental care is the best way to get whiter teeth. You just need to apply this paste on your teeth, rub on your teeth and gums.
  • It can even relieve gingivitis.
  • If you’re someone who often suffers from cold and cough, this oil is great to boost your immune system so your body can fight against such viruses.
  • Also, you can rub this oil on your chest to relieve your lungs and nose from the congestion and asthma.
  • It is also very beneficial in inflammatory illnesses of the respiratory organs.
  • Arthritis and joint pain have no permanent treatment, however, mustard oil can help manage the symptoms and pain.
  • Regular massage with mustard oil can boost the blood flow and circulation in joints and ease the pain.
  • Also, it acts as an anti-inflammatory in patients with arthritis.

As explained in its composition above, it has a great balance of various acids that can reduce the risk of heart diseases by 50%.

Also, consumption of mustard oil can be good for heart patients. They shouldn’t usually consume many oils, but mustard oil is actually beneficial.

Did you ever think that consuming or applying an oil could have so many benefits? Who would have! Seriously, mustard oil is a must in your shelf, don’t you think so? I am sure you do after reading this.

Are there any side-effects of using Mustard Oil?

Well, not really but if you consume the oil that is not meant for cooking, it might lead to some problems as it has certain acids that should be taken in a limited quantity for the best results.

Also, if you’re pregnant, lactating/breastfeeding mother or a diabetic, you have to be very careful with its consumption. In some cases, it is always advisable to consult a doctor before consuming or using mustard oil externally.

While there might be some allergic reactions in the above-mentioned cases, there are no signs of interference of mustard oil with any medicine or specific surgeries. No wonder why it is used in every Indian/Asian kitchen.

Would experts recommend Mustard Oil?

I would like to answer this in the form of a metaphorical verse by Anne Peterson:

  • Anne Peterson says,
  • “You love me more than sparrows, God,
  • You meet my every need.
  • And all you ask is that my faith
  • Is like a mustard seed.”

Anne has compared ‘faith’, the purest and the most powerful abstract with a mustard seed. This explains it all.

Most experts suggest consuming or external usage of Mustard Oil as it has so many benefits.

Be it massage oils for body, gums and teeth, chappy lips, chest (for asthma) or for consumption or dressing on salads, it is completely versatile.

It is time we instil our faiths in natural and trust this natural edible oil. What must you have now? Repeat after me- Mustard Oil in your kitchen and massage shelves.


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What is in Mustard Oil?

What are the health benefits of consuming and external uses of Mustard Oil?

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