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Neem – Health Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Neem is one of the well-used therapeutic plants that’s used in the formation of antibiotics and other medicines.

Neem is a tree with leaves, fruit, stems, and root and the amazing thing is, we use each part of this tree to make medicines, specifically antibiotics.

From eating to applying and smelling, Neem can be used in all forms and all types.

Why does neem do so, it is because it has some chemicals inside. Therefore, when Neem is taken directly through mouth, it simply decreases the formation of acidic materials inside the blood which are causing issues and side effects.

It kills bacteria and used as a pregnancy safety drug:

Here is each and everything you need to know about Neem including its health benefits, how to use, side effects, and limitations etc.

Neem Leaf Health Benefits

Neem leaf is enriched with therapeutic benefits and works:

  1. Best against eye issues,
  2. Helps to treat leprosy
  3. Works against bleeding nose,
  4. Helps in Killing the worms in the intestine,
  5. Maintains the upset stomachs,
  6. Addresses the loss of appetite,
  7. Works against the formation and spread of skin ulcers,
  8. Open the blocked vessels of heart and treat heart ulcers,
  9. Help against cardiovascular diseases,
  10. Can be effective in fever,
  11. Helpful for diabetic patients,
  12. Cures Gum diseases like gingivitis,
  13. Addresses all types of liver issues by cleaning blood
  14. Neem leaves are also used in making birth controlling pills and help against abortions.

Neem Bark Health Benefits

The bark of the neem tree that is a covering on its stomach is also used as antibacterial and pain reliever such as:

  • Bark of neem is used to be best against the mosquitos causing malaria, the hate its smell hence neem is used to keep form them and when taken by mouth, it kills all the enzymes forming bacterial cells for malaria.
  • Neem bark is also known as great against the stomach issues specifically for ulcers.
  • Neem, being an antibiotic its bark is used to treat skin issues like acne attacks.
  • It helps to cure fever and various sorts of pain in the teeth, in stomach, and on face due to acne blisters.
Neem Flower Health Benefits

Just like bark and leaves, the flower of neem also has many therapeutic benefits and is used to cure various diseases, specifically related to stomach. Such as:

  1. Neem flower is used to reduce the bile,
  2. Neem flower is also used to control the phlegm,
  3. Neem flower is best to kill the worms inside the intestine and help to cure digestion and other health issues.
Neem Fruit Health Benefits

Just like every other particle of the neem, its fruit is also enriched with wonderful agents to help against complicated and severe diseases such as:

  1. Neem fruit kills the worms in the intestine and also helps against their reoccurrence.
  2. Neem fruit is also consumed for issues like hemorrhoids.
  3. Issues in urinary tract due to which painful secretion of urine are addressed via neem flower.
  4. Bleeding noses and phlegm issues are also cured by using flowers of neem plant.
  5. Neem reduces the blood sugar level hence known as miraculous drug for diabetes and diabetic patients.
  6. Neem flowers are antibiotic hence they are used to clean the wounds and other skin issues like leprosy.
Neem Twig Health Benefits

Neem Twigs are just as helpful to cure issues and diseases as its other parts. Hence, some more health benefits of Neem related to its twigs are:

  1. Glottis issues such as cough and asthma are treated by Neem.
  2. Hemorrhoids is cured by neem twigs.
  3. Neem twigs work as anti-worm and used to treat intestinal worms.
  4. It also addresses the low sperm levels in men.
  5. It is used as teeth whitener as well as toothpaste to treat gum issues in many tropical areas.

Uses of Neem:

Neem is used in three ways such as:

  • Mouth Intakes:

You can have neem in raw form. This is done during treatments of blisters, sugar, maintaining sperm levels, and also to kill intestinal worms.

Neem is too sour in the taste hence some other herbs are mixed to mild the taste.

  • Oral Application:

Another way, in which neem is used is the oral application. There are many types of balms available in the market in which neem is used to cure skin issues and problems. It keeps you refresh. Some people even boil neem leaves in water and bathe with it. This way is used to treat skin issues and allergies on the outer areas.

  • Smelling the fragrance:

Last but not the least, neem is used by smelling. Neem has a very pleasant smell and it is used in therapeutic candles as well as inhalers to treat the blocked nostrils as well as asthma.

Side Effects of Neem:

  • Neem is unsafe for underage kids specifically for mouth intakes. It can not only sour the taste of their mouth but can result in many problems that can last for hours. Issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, and in worst cases blood disorders can occur.
  • It is also recommended to keep a close eye on the after effects for pregnant females and breastfeeding mothers because it can cause miscarriages too.
  • People with auto-immune diseases are also not recommended to use neem and neem made products via mouth however application is not prohibited.

Bottom Line:

Well, this is all about the plant of neem. Neem is an Asian plant however it is found in many tropical areas of the world. It is being used in the antibiotics and therapeutic elements from past many years and still it is used in everything from beauty products to antibiotics, oils, and medicines etc.

However, I would like to suggest that you must take recommendations from a doctor before using neem via mouth.

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