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Pathimugam (Kerala Herbal Pink Water) – Health Benefits & Uses

If you have ever been to any house in Kerala, you would have noticed people drinking pink-colored water. Ever wondered what it is?

Well, in today’s blog post, we are going to cover exactly that. We are going to discuss Pathimugam, pink-colored water that has a deep woody taste.

It is made of water boiled with shavings of sappanwood. It is a medicated beverage that the whole of Kerala enjoys. Let’s discuss it in more detail.

Health Benefits of Pathimugam Water

The earthy taste of pathimugam is what many people dislike as their taste buds are not mature enough.

But, the wealth of health benefits pathimugam has and its ability to lower the body temperature really makes it one of a kind medicine of Kerala.

People in Kerala enjoy it in summers. So, why exactly should even you have pathimugam? Let’s discuss.

1. Antimicrobial Properties

The sappanwood is known to have antimicrobial properties as the wood contains methanol. Sappanwood shavings are put in water and boiled.

What results is a drink that inhibits methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria?

This bacteria is known to cause and spread skin infections and food poisoning. It also helps to cure joint infections.

2. Prevents Acne

You must be thinking that you have tried everything on your face and still the acne never goes away. Well, you were wrong.

We have one of the best cures for acne, which is pathimugam. Now sappanwood water is really an effective treatment for acne.

The red pigment found in the water is actually Brazilein, which is what the sappanwood extract is called. The extract is known to fight Propionibacterium acnes that cause eyelids inflammation.

3. Rich in Antioxidants:

Tea is an antioxidant and most people you know get their daily dosage of antioxidants by drinking tea once or twice a day.

But, tea and coffee can cause severe acidity and caffeine addiction. The best tea substitute that will provide you all the essential antioxidants and no addiction is sappanwood tea.

Of course, you will have to give it some time to get used to its unusual earthy taste.

4. Anti-allergic properties

Pathimugam has anti-allergic properties that will help your body fight against harmful bacteria and parasites.

People suffering from allergy problems should drink a lot of sappanwood water as the anti-allergic properties of the drink with help you deal with the problem in an effective way.

5. Helps against seizures

Pathimugam can also help you keep from convulsions. Convulsions due to epilepsy can really make it difficult for a person to live life completely.

Sappan wood water has immense benefits that one should reap to stay away from convulsions. The anticonvulsant properties of pathimugam are really game changing.

6. Good for your heart

If you are looking for the easiest way to keep your cardiac health in check, make sure you sip a cup of sappan wood every single day of your life.

The red pigment of the wood is beneficial for the heart.

Uses of Pathimugam Water

Pathimugam, as we all know by now, is a medicinal tree. But, there are many other uses of pathimugam that you should know.

One of such applications of pathimugam is dye manufacturing. It is used to make natural dye thanks to the red color that is imparts.

Then the hard inside of the tree functions as the medicinal part and is used to disinfect water. It is put in water and is left on boiling temperature. 

We have already mentioned how beneficial the drink becomes after that. Pathimugam is also known as a perfect thirst quencher.

If you are suffering from external injuries and swellings, you should use the wood powder on the areas in subject as pathimugam is a prophylactic as well. Professionals also use it to treat blood conditions like dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea.

It is also used to reduce abdominal pain that happens to women after giving birth. The healing water that turns light pink in color is popularly known to mitigate kidney problems, diseases related to skin, heart, and blood sugar.

Side Effects of Pathimugam

  • That’s strange to say, there are no side effects of Pathimugam

Wrapping Up

Did pathimugam make any impression on you? We are certain it did. But, don’t just bring it to your house and keep it for namesake.

Learn the different ways you can apply it in your daily life and reap the benefits it has to offer.

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