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Punarnava – Health Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

Punarnava (also called Boerhavia Diffusa) is a flowering plant that belongs to the family “four o’clock.”

The meaning of Punarnava is “the one that renews.” It is the reason why this plant is very well known in the world of medicine due to its significant and useful health-promoting qualities.

Many researchers claim that it is the best herb that can be used to balance and rejuvenate Kapha in the body, to support the optimal functioning of liver, heart, and kidneys, to encourage the easy movement of the joints and to promote healthy weight gain among people who can gain weight faster than they can shed.

Health Benefits of Punarnava

Punarnava tends to revitalize and renew a human body (organs and systems). Hence it is beneficial against several health-related conditions including:

  • Liver Functioning

Punarnava is known for its revitalizing properties. It can run inside the body systems and cleanse the liver off of impurities.

If the body is exposed to an infection, the first organ to come under attack is the liver. Using Punarnava can restore overall health, vitality, and stamina of your body, thus prevent you from fatigue and weakness.

  • Good for Eyes

Eyes are the most sensitive organ of the body. They can quickly become exposed to different viruses, bacteria, and infections present in the environment.

The juice of Punarnava is used to treat eye infections as well as other related disorders such as night blindness and conjunctivitis.

A few drops of this herb can also do wonders for your eye health and vision.

  • Fights impotence

Impotence can be a massive concern for many people. The seeds of this plant are quite helpful in curing this condition.

Punarnava can invigorate the male reproductive organ and induce stamina and potency by increasing libido.

Furthermore, it can improve the quality of semen, so many people use it as a home remedy to treat erectile dysfunction.

Punarnava is also beneficial for preventing premature ejaculation and sensitivity of the male sex organ.

  • To Treat Urinary Tract Infection

Punarnava has antibacterial, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and diuretic properties.

Therefore, it is used to treat and manage urinary tract diseases, including UTIs during pregnancy or acute/chronic urine infection in adults.

  • Obesity

This herb is a significant component of all the world’s leading weight loss and herbal slimming supplements.

Punarnava can remove extra fluids and waste from the body and promote urine production without excessive loss of water and electrolytes. 

Punarnava consists of amazing fat-burning properties that support rapid fat loss.

  • Diabetes

Evidence claim that this plant is very beneficial during diabetes.

It can decrease the level of glucose inside the bloodstream and promote the production of plasma insulin from the pancreas.

  • Congestive Heart Failure

Though it cannot treat congestive heart failure alone, it can still be used as an adjuvant to support other treatment options.

Punarnava can reduce the pressure and load on the heart by decreasing edema inside it.

  • Arthritis

Punarnava can provide instant relief against joint pain, swelling, and inflammation due to arthritis.

You can grind the herb and make a fine paste and apply it directly to the affected area.

  • Skin Diseases

To treat skin disorders, Punarnava can be used as a paste in combination with dadhimanda (water that floats on the curd) and applied topically.

  • Insomnia

Many people grind the roots of Punarnava into a fine powder and mix it in water to create a concoction and consume it daily to get rid of insomnia and restlessness.

  • Cough And Asthma

The roots of this plant can be with other ingredients to treat people going through recurring fever, recurring cough, and asthma.

The roots of Punarnava can be grinded into a fine powder and regularly consume as it causes the excretion of harmful toxins out of the body through urination.

  • Kidney Health

Punarnava is a staple herb that can heal and provide health benefits to people suffering from kidney disorders.

It can remove excess fluids from the body and prevent the development of kidney stones. 

Regular use of this herb (for one whole month) ensures better kidney functioning.


It is recommended that you consume Punarnava supplement, herb, or medicine post meals only.

You cannot consume this herb on an empty stomach as it may cause a burning sensation.

According to different variants, the dosage of Punarnava can vary. In infants and children, the short-term dosage of Punarnava is 80mg/kg body weight, and the long-term dosage is 40mg/kg body weight.

In adults, the short-term dosage is 5 gm/day, the long-term dosage is 2.5 gm/day, and the maximum possible dosage is 10 gm/day. 

If you want to consume fresh juice of this plant, the dosage should be 10 ml/day for short-term use and 5ml/day for long-term use.

Side Effects of Punarnava:

Most of the researches and studies performed on Punarnava claim that this herb and its roots, seeds, juice, and leaves are very safe to consume when ingested in natural form.

Some of the rare and occasional side effects of Punarnava are:

  • Increased Blood Pressure

If you take it in a high dose, Punarnava can alter heart functioning and can increase your blood pressure.

  • Burning Sensation

If consumed on an empty stomach, it can cause a burning sensation in GIT. Moreover, it can also cause a burning sensation in the tongue or throat if taken without water.

  • Allergies

A person should refrain from consuming Punarnava if they have ethanol-related allergies as it can trigger the allergic reaction or may make your condition worse.

  • Laxative Effect

Punarnava has laxative properties, so people with diarrhea and pregnant women should avoid consuming it in any form as it can cause uterine contractions, which can be life-threatening for the developing fetus.


Nature is filled with therapeutic plants, and Punarnava is among the best of them. Punarnava is not limited to the qualities and health benefits that we have described; it outspreads well beyond.

Nonetheless, more studies and research investigations should be carried out to explore the effectiveness of this plant, along with its protective and healing effects on overall wellbeing.

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