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Turmeric Water – Health Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

The plant of turmeric is used for its medicinal properties for almost 4000 years. In many Asian countries, it is also used as a condiment. Other names given to turmeric are ‘Golden Spice’ or ‘Indian Saffron.’

Turmeric found its way in modern medicine after scientists realized its numerous benefits to health. It is widely cultivated in Asian countries where it is referred to as ‘Haldi.’

Turmeric is the by-product of a rhizomatous herb whose botanical name is Curcuma longa. Turmeric is a relative of the zingiber family.

Nutritional Content of Turmeric

Turmeric has many nutritional benefits because of its countless components. The turmeric contains more than 100 constituents.

It also has coloring agents called curcuminoids.

Method to Prepare Turmeric Water

Turmeric water is the new detox drink in the market. In order to prepare turmeric water; follow the steps:

  1. Heat a cup of water and wait for it to be boiled.

  2. Pour this boiled water in a cup containing a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Honey or lemon juice can be added after the preparation of turmeric water to mask the flavor of turmeric.

Health Benefits of Turmeric Water

Turmeric water helps with detoxification of the body. Our body is continuously exposed to pollutants and unhealthy lifestyles.

Our body requires this process to get rid of these harmful chemicals in our bodies. Turmeric water helps us to do so.

Turmeric is a spice that is readily available in our pantry, and we can get loads of benefits from it.

1. Immunity builder

Turmeric water is helping in building immunity.

2. Antioxidant

Turmeric water works as an antioxidant and helps to get rid of free radicals in our bodies.

3. Healing properties

One of the oldest use of turmeric is its healing power. It is used to treat wounds, cuts, burns. It helps to get rid of the flu and seasonal cold.

4. Clear skin

Turmeric water helps to clear up skin. It returns the youthful essence to the skin.

5. Metabolism booster

Turmeric water also helps to fasten metabolism. People who drank turmeric water also claimed that it reduced the symptoms of abdominal gases.

6. Detoxification of liver

It detoxifies the liver by breaking down harmful pollutants into smaller ones so that the liver can easily metabolize them.


1. Chronic Inflammation

Turmeric water has an active component called curcumin. Curcumin is known to have anti-inflammatory properties.

The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric water are similar to other commonly used medications such as Aspirin and Brufen.

Because turmeric water successfully treats inflammation, it is useful in conditions such as Crohn’s disease, arthritis.

The reason behind a number of these inflammatory conditions is oxidative stress.

Inflammatory mediators that are present at the site on inflammation are responsible for releasing oxygen reactive species.

An example of such inflammatory mediators is the Tumor necrosis factor. Turmeric water is known to reactive Nuclear factor.

When the Nuclear factor is suppressed, the signs of inflammation are also suppressed.

2. Cardioprotective effect

Turmeric water has cardioprotective effects. This effect is mediated by the same active component; curcumin.

The curcumin helps to provide an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effect.

It has a blood-thinning effect, which is almost similar to aspirin. It is also useful for reducing the impact of cardiotoxicity that is induced by Adriamycin. It also helps to prevent cardiovascular complications that arise in diabetic people.

3. Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is the inflammation of the bones. This is due to the over-activation of inflammatory mediators that target bones and joints.

People with rheumatoid arthritis have trouble walking.

Many patients are on pain killers and find no way out. Long term consumption of pain killers has its own side effects. Ginger and turmeric are known as alternatives to pain killers for rheumatoid arthritis.

Turmeric water has curcumin and demethoxycurcumin. These components of turmeric help in alleviating the inflammatory molecules. Turmeric water is preferred by many over ginger since ginger has a spicy and bitter taste.

4. Cancer

The leading cause for the development of cancer is the build-up of radicals in the body. These radicals create inflammation, which is then directed towards a certain portion of the body.

Due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric water. It helps the body to get rid of toxic matter and inflammation.

Many pieces of research also suggest that curcumin present in turmeric water also helps to slow down the growth of tumor cells.

6. Diabetes

Curcumin helps to prevent diabetes. It also reduces the effects of diabetes on kidneys.

This means that diabetic patients don’t have to worry about diabetic nephropathy, which is a common complication associated with the disease.

However, many of these studies are only done on animal subjects. Hence, further studies on humans will help us identify the mechanism behind these effects.

7. Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a prevalent disease of the brain. It causes forgetfulness in humans.

There is no proper treatment for Alzheimer’s. Therefore, many doctors focus on preventing it.

According to research Alzheimer’s is caused by protein tangles, which are called amyloid plaques.

The curcumin present in turmeric water helps to clear out these plaques. Therefore, it helps prevent, slow down, or, at times, even reversing the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

Side Effects of Turmeric Water

Drinking turmeric water of one teaspoon of turmeric a day is not harmful to the body and has no side effects. But when this dose is increased, it may trigger specific reactions in the body that might result in side effects.

1. Excessive consumption of turmeric water can affect your digestive system. It allows the stomach to produce gastric acid. This can result in acidity and an upset stomach.

2. People who take drugs that thin blood should avoid drinking turmeric water. This is because turmeric water thins the blood, and this may produce a synergistic effect.

3. There is an old wives tale that women who ate curry cooked with turmeric resulted in the stimulation of labor. This is backed up by very little researches. Therefore, just for the sake of being safe pregnant women should avoid drinking turmeric water.

4. Turmeric contains oxalates. These oxalates increase the risk of developing kidney stones. So a person should avoid drinking turmeric water if he/she already suffers from this condition or are prone to it.


Turmeric is a miracle spice that is readily available in our kitchen cabinets. It has not only found its role as a condiment but is also now used for its pharmacological properties. There are many dosage forms of turmeric available in the market.

Some people eat it in the form of capsules, while some people eat it in raw form. Turmeric water is a natural, easy to prepare detox water. It has numerous benefits. However, one should also keep the side effects in mind. It is always better to consult a general physician before drinking turmeric water.

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