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Benefits of Vitamin B12 for Hair Growth

Vitamin b12 is a significant nutrient for the human body. It contributes to numerous body functions such as red blood production, nerve cell maintenance, and energy metabolisms.

One of the functions that most people are not aware of is improving hair growth. Through this article, you will explore much more about vitamin b12 benefits for hair. 

The Correlation Between Hair Growth and Vitamin B12

Vitamin b12 is an essential water-soluble vitamin for a person’s health. We heard a lot of benefits of this vitamin for the human body, but we heard very little on vitamin b12 correlation with hair growth.

Vitamin b12 helps in many ways for proper hair growth and maintains them in good shape.

Vitamin b12 deficiency can cause hair loss and another hair issue. Now, the correlation between hair growth and vitamin b12 can be described through various reasons, which are:

  • Our hair follicles are attached to blood vessels;

they get the nutrients and oxygen necessary for proper hair growth through this blood supply.

Vitamin b12 is one such vitamin that contributes to enhanced blood circulation. Vitamin b12 helps develop red blood cells, which makes the blood circulation better for hair growth.

So, deficiency of vitamin b12 will cause an imbalance in blood circulation and nutrient shortage, contributing to hair loss.

  • Fatty acids are essential for hair growth and nourishment:

The nerve fibers in our scalp are surrounded by a fatty myelin sheath, which protects them from damage. Vitamin b12 is necessary for maintaining this myelin sheath.

So, deficiency of vitamin b12 causes the breakage of the fatty myelin sheath, which directly damages the nerve fiber. Damaged nerve fibers cause weakness of hair, and hair loss occurs. 

    Both of these factors make it clear that vitamin b12 is a core nutrient required to maintain and enhance hair growth. 

    Vitamin B12 Benefits Hair

    Vitamin b12 is a significant water-soluble nutrient for the human body. It is beneficial in many ways for a person, but vitamin b12 contributes a lot to hair growth and maintenance, which many people are not aware of. Following are the vitamin b12 benefits for hair that medical researchers have concluded:

    Maintain pH balance and oil production.

    Health studies often concluded that two of the main reasons that cause a higher percentage of hair loss are increased oil production and imbalanced pH levels. Both contribute to hair loss and cause scalp itching, dandruff, hair follicles blockage, and excess oil. In this case, vitamin b12 provides moisture and balances the pH, enhancing hair growth and maintenance. 

    Improve hair growth 

    Usually, a person loses 100 hairs per day, but it becomes a significant problem if you start to lose more. Many vitamins contribute to better hair growth, but vitamin b12 is specific as it increases the blood circulation in the hair and prevents the unnecessary oxidation of cholesterol which improves hair growth. 

    Enhance hair shine 

    We all use some heating device on our hair once a week, whether a hair straightener or a blow dryer. Using these devices can cause dryness and hair damage, making your hair dull and lifeless.

    Often medical specialists say that adding vitamin b12 to your diet helps you bring back the shine of your hair. So, vitamin b12 intake is a must as it makes your hair shinier and smoother even if you use heat devices. 

    Betterment of Hair scalp health

    Many impurities can occur on your hair scalp, further making it dry and flaky, overall harming the hair scalp health. Vitamin b12 works as a protection shield against such conditions as seborrheic dermatitis. Also, if you have a dry scalp that is a significant sign of vitamin b12 deficiency, that is why you should maintain your vitamin b12 intake properly. 

    How to Consume Enough Vitamin B12?

    To maintain proper hair growth, you need to keep your vitamin b12 intake balanced. The rich foods sources of vitamin b12 are also the best hormone balancing superfoods.

    Now, once you notice hair loss, it indicates that you have vitamin b12 deficiency. A person can overcome the deficit via two ways:

    • Rich food intake:

    The best way to compensate for your vitamin b12 deficiency is by consuming rich food sources of vitamin b12. The rich sources include fish, meat, poultry, dairy products such as milk, curd, buttermilk, eggs, fortified food cereals.

    The food sources are always preferable on medicines or supplements as they are natural and have no side effects. The foods that contain vitamin b12 are also the best hormone-balancing superfoods.

    • Supplementations: 

    Vitamin b12 supplementation is also a way to treat the deficiency. But you should only take the supplements if you have a severe shortage. Otherwise, food sources are better. 

      The Final Takeaway 

      Vitamin b12 is one of the vital nutrients out of the B-complex set. It contributes to significant body functions, out of which hair growth is a highlighted one.

      Vitamin b12 benefits a lot for hair growth and also helps you fight against hair loss. 

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