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7 High Calorie Foods For Bulking

One of the biggest misconceptions about bulking is that you get the complete freedom to eat whatever you want while ignoring your intake of sugar, salt, and carbs. However, you may end up bulking your gut with visceral fat.

Therefore, it's important that you should steadily increase the calories with the right kind of high-calorie foods for clean bulking, and training volume.

The first and foremost thing that you need to remember while bulking up cleanly is to eat the right amount of premium-quality food sources.

This will help you maximize muscle growth, boost metabolism, improve the health of the heart and joints, and minimize fat gain.

Let us explore the list of top calorie-dense foods to help you with healthy and clean bulking.

Whole milk and cottage cheese: Cutting or avoiding dairy products can be a bad choice if you want to get shredded. This is because whole milk with your post-workout protein shake can be an excellent choice for you as it helps you stock up on calcium, extra fat, calories, and protein in your daily diet. You can also add a bowl of cottage cheese before going to the bed.

Lean Beef: Lean sources of protein are second to none when it comes to high-calorie foods for bulking as they are rich sources of fat and protein while being low in calories. For instance, you can try out lean beef which is a natural and rich source of creatine and heme iron, both of which are vital to building solid muscle.

Quinoa: If you want to get a good amount of starchy carbs first thing in the morning after a workout session, you can eat Quinoa (cold or hot) just like oatmeal. Each serving satisfies your daily zinc requirements and Quinoa is rich in protein content besides an exceptional nutrient for good testosterone (the primary male sex hormone) levels.

Rolled Oats: If you want to increase your calorie intake without eating much, you just cannot miss out on rolled oats. You can mix them with peanut butter and/or chocolate protein powder or blend them into a smoothie.

Sprouted grain bread: A better alternative to regular bread, sprouted grain bread is characterized by a lower glycemic index. They help in regulating blood sugar which, in turn, helps in gaining a better muscle fat ratio while bulking up. However, you should make it a point to keep them in the freezer unless you want to consume them as they aren't packed with preservatives.

Avocado: One of the best things about avocados is that they include a high level of monosaturated fats. They inhibit the redistribution of body fat towards the abs to keep the midsection tight while you are bulking up. They are also rich in fiber content.

Sweet Potato: An average sweet potato includes 40 grams of complex carbs along with different vitamins and minerals. You should avoid junk food, refined flour, and refined sugar if your primary goal is clean bulking.

We hope that this guide on the top calorie-dense foods to help you with healthy and clean bulking was useful for you.

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