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11 Health Benefits of Sleeping Without Pillow

Who doesn’t love pillows? They’re so comfortable, soft and amazing. Every bed, sofa, couch, recliner and chair is complete with a pillow on it.

However, did you know that sleeping on pillows can actually result in injuries and multiple health issues?

It is not a new thing that people have started abandoning their pillows to mend their postures.

Everyone should try sleeping without a pillow every once in a while as it is an amazing therapy for your body, especially the spine.

Pillows are not that important.

Earlier, people slept without pillows, comfortable mattresses and they had better postures than most of us.

We only use pillows to avoid discomfort, but the pillows that are heightened and extremely fluffy can cause damages. So let’s take an oat that we shall all discard our pillows for these benefits:

Benefits of Sleeping Without A Pillow:

  • No More Back Pain

Your spine is meant to remain straight and not get curved from the neckline. If you keep sleeping on soft, tight, big, or even small pillows, your neck and spine will be affected and you will have severe back pain.

Studies explain how a majority of adults experience back pain due to their pillows when they’re ageing. If you don’t want this to happen, change your habit immediately.

  • No More Neck Pain

Sometimes we wake up from our nap and experience stiff neck. This is not new. Many people, especially those who sleep on pillows experience neck pain and stiff neck.

It may become so severe sometimes that we may be unable to move our necks.

Removing the pillow and sleeping straight will help us correct our posture and overcome neck and back pain simultaneously.

  • No More Acne

If you’re used to sleeping with your face on the pillow, you’re bound to have acne and pimples. This is because we use pillows every time.

When we’re watching TV, sitting, studying and so many other activities. Sometimes we sleep with our hair unwashed and just imagine how much dirt and bacteria breed on our pillows.

Sleeping with your face on the pillows can allow the bacteria to enter your skin and cause pimples and acne.

Try changing the pillow covers and bedsheets every day and avoid using pillows altogether.

  • No More Stress

Since pillows spoil our postures, they even prevent blood from flowing and circulating to various parts of our bodies.

There is also a high chance of changing too many postures because pillows can make sleeping very uncomfortable.

When your sleep is incomplete and disturbed, it causes stress. Many doctors suggest removing pillows to reduce stress-related headaches too.

  • No More Sleeplessness

Sometimes it is not the excessive thoughts that create troubles in falling asleep, it could also be bad postures, poor sleeping positions and improper blood circulation that creates suffocation.

Insomnia is terrible as it not only spoils your nights but also days’ peace. To treat chronic insomnia, start by removing your pillow and you could keep the pillow below your legs.

Keeping your legs a little higher can improve blood circulation and help you sleep faster.

  • No More Fatigue

Some people often fall asleep faster but the pillows do not let their bodies rest. Of course, they're asleep and their minds are at rest too but not the body.

The spine needs to rest for you to walk, run and do chores on the following day.

This kind of stress to your spine and muscles can cause fatigue and even nerve damage.

If you remove the pillow, your body would be at rest for the whole night and you won't wake up feeling tired the next morning.

  • No More Allergies

Not changing your bed sheets and pillow covers or if you share your pillows with others, your covers may have many bacteria that are waiting to harm you.

Sensitive people should be very aware of this as many get rhinitis, asthma, skin allergies, dandruff and many infections due to the poor conditions of their pillow covers.

You may need to change your pillow covers several times even if you use them while watching TV to cuddle or while studying to support your books.

However, leaving the pillows at the side can be very helpful in reducing the risk of allergies.

  • No More Flat Head Syndrome

Some studies explain how babies can get flatter heads by sleeping on a pillow. This can create a weird shape of their head.

Flat Head is actually a problem with your baby's head growth and is called Flat Head Syndrome.

Don't give your baby the pillows and see how comfortably your baby sleeps in the natural sleeping position.

  • No More Depression

Sleeping without a pillow results in a good night's sleep. If you do not sleep well, your mind will never be fresh in the morning.

You may feel low and lethargic for no reason. Sleeping without a pillow will improve your sleep quality and reduce the risk of depression.

  • No More Cellular Damages

Not sleeping well can cause our cells to damage and this may cause ageing processes to speed up.

Many people have wrinkles, arthritis, gout and other health issues because of cellular damage.

Sleeping without a pillow can reduce the chances of getting these health problems.

  • No More Diseases

Many respiratory and digestive disorders happen because of a lack of rest. Sleeping without pillows increase the speed of metabolism and improve the quality of oxygen too.

This reduces the risk of getting more diseases and also improves your health conditions.

Side-Effects of Sleeping without a Pillow:

There are not many side effects of sleeping without a pillow. Sleeping with a pillow has more side effects than anything.

However, there are exceptions always and here are some side effects.

  • Some kids may fall from bed if pillows don’t guide them in their sleep.

  • Sleeping on your side without a pillow can hurt your neck as you have no support.

  • If you change too many positions without a pillow, there are rare chances of injuries or nerve pain.


Hope you like the amazing benefits of sleeping without pillow.

Avoid a pillow whenever you can to improve your posture. If you’re too fond of it, you may use a very thin and small pillow that doesn’t affect your neck, spine, sleep quality and posture.

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