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Lose weight in 15 Days: Workout, Diet Plan, & Drinks! Full Plan

Sleep early at night and wake up earlier in the morning.

    Reset your biological clock. In Ayurveda, waking up in the Brahma Muhurta (between 4 am-6 am) is considered to be the best time.

    It will help in rebooting your whole body system. Because after 6 am, it is time for Kapha to dominate; the core cause of obesity and the related health disorders.

    Also, you should have heard of the saying, Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.

    While sleeping between 9-10 pm is said to be the best because it is again the time of Kapha; the reason we feel lethargic and sleepy.

    If we sleep at this time most likely our sleep will be deep but after that, Pitta dosha dominates which hampers with our sleep quality and we have a restless sleep throughout the night.

    For a good day, we need a good night’s sleep for sure. It would be harder at first but once you start to adapt it will become heavenly comfortable.

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    Morning workout

    Start your day with an energetic workout. It will give you an exciting impulse for the whole day and enhance your mood.

    The key to losing weight here is that workout will burn your calories as well as the hormones produced by active body combat stress hormone called cortisol which is the VIP member of weight increasing family. Trust me; morning workout will do wonders on your body.

    Keep moving throughout the day

    Do not sit idle for the whole long day if you have done the morning workout. Keep moving your body from time to time especially if you are an office worker.

    One of the reasons for weight gain is prolonged sitting. It makes you lethargic and your body starts hurting due to the stiffening of muscles.

    Evening workout

    Here evening workout doesn’t specifically means going to the gym or high-intensity workout etc. You just need to engage your body in some sort of physical exercise.

    It can be a sport that you enjoy the most, a refreshing long evening walk, playing with your friends or family, or anything which requires physical engagement.

    Dietary changes
    Regulate Intake Of Raw Fruits And Veggies:

    Eating fruits and vegetables is a good idea but not always.

    You cannot just rely on them for the whole day. Eat smaller portions at a time and do not eat a lot of them in one go.

    Plan and Divide your food intake into small portions

    Eating 3 meals a day and dividing the portions of ingredients in your meal is really important. I just can’t stress enough over this point.

    Always remember portioning is the key. You won’t be able to get all the necessary and nutritious ingredients if you do not plan your meals beforehand.

    Eating small portions at a time will refresh your digestive system and your belly fat will expand less with your metabolism burning it up.

    In this way, I guarantee you will be able to significantly lose weight.

    Cut Back On Dairy Products

    Mainly people are dairy lovers and it is close to sinning prohibiting them from dairy products. But you may not know that some people are intolerant towards lactose sugar in these products and many of them do not realize that.

    It causes bloating and uncomfortable gas conditions because of difficulty in lactose digestion.

     I won’t say that you should put them on your blacklist but you can have them in a small quantity.

    It will also be great for your body shape if you consume milk products along with other foods.

    Eat More Potassium-Rich Foods:

    High potassium foods like avocados, jaggery bananas, papaya, mango, and yogurt have several bloat-reducing benefits.

    Since potassium is a natural diuretic that helps in reducing water retention. It improves metabolism and helps in electrolytic balance.

    Eat More Berries And Nuts:

    Berries are a package of taste and fat-fighting ingredients. Science has proven that berries tend to stop fat cells from growing in size.

    They also help fat cells in producing ‘adiponectin’, a hormone that helps in reducing inflammation while lowering the blood sugar level.

    Nuts can also help to keep your tummy taut. Research shows that people who eat nuts twice a week are much less likely to gain weight than those who don’t. Also, they serve as healthy and tasty snacks.

    Drink More Water

    Life is impossible without water for a reason. It possesses many magical properties. We can’t ever know all the miracles it can do.

    It is great for health; even the best for weight loss. Hydration is the key to a flattened stomach.

    The reason behind this statement is that drinking enough water will maintain the water balance of your body, reducing water retention and hence restrict weight gain caused by bloating and water retention.

    It dissolves the excess body fat, aids digestion and boosts metabolism. Moreover, it makes your stomach feel full thus avoiding munching unnecessarily.

    Green Tea really helps:

    Green Tea is packed with numerous antioxidants called ‘catechins’ which are known to burn body fat. 

    We suggest that consuming green tea early in the morning and an hour after dinner at night.

    It aids digestion and boosts metabolism.

    Start Your Day With A healthy fat burner drink

    Smoothies are great fat burners and detoxifiers. It is really easy to make one hence one of the best ways to start your day.

    We suggest watermelon smoothie, as this fruit is rich in an amino acid called ‘arginine’.  

    It is known for its fat-burning properties and also increases lean muscle mass which is great for your physique.

    You can also drink detoxifying teas and other homemade drinks like peppermint water, honey and cumin drink, honey and ginger drink, Hunza Tea, etc.

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    Stay Away From Alcohol And Carbonated Drinks

    Well, I don’t want to offend anyone on this but I am willing to be a party popper because this stuff is really not good for your health and it would be great trouble for you if you want to lose weight.

    Soft drinks and alcohol are just like water extinguishing the fire of weight loss.

    They won’t let you get any better. They are those friendly-looking enemies who stab you in the back. You have my word about this.

    Alcohol can also inhibit your body’s production of fat-burning hormones and I can’t even make a list for other side effects because it is way too long that I won’t be able to give you any new content for over a month.

    Carbonated beverages contain gas and hence, after consuming them, you end up naturally with more gas in your GI tract, leading to bloating.

    So, would you want gas dancing in your stomach partying hard all day and all night? I don’t think it is a good idea. So, stop consuming these goddamn poisons.

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