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3 Medial Head Tricep Exercises

Do you want to build powerful and strong arms? If your answer is a yes, it's time for you to focus on building your triceps as they make up approximately 70 percent of your upper arm's size.

In this blog, we will be reading about the best medial head tricep exercises and the best techniques to target the medial head tricep.

Your triceps are responsible to extend the arm at the elbow and are made up of three heads: long head, lateral head, and medial head.

The long head can be described as the largest tricep head, just near the shoulder joint.

The lateral head is the strongest tricep head and is located on the outside of the posterior upper arm.

Conversely, the medial head is characterized by a higher ratio of slow twitch muscle fibers and is located at the bottom center of the posterior upper arm.

All three tricep heads play a crucial role in elbow stability and extension.

By strengthening your medial head tricep, you can enhance endurance for compound exercises and make the horseshoe muscle more aesthetic.

It will also help in the growth of long head and lateral head triceps while offering elbow stability.

Let us have a close look at the best tricep exercises for the medial head.

1) Reverse grip cable pushdown:

To get started, you'll have to attach the bar attachment to a high pulley machine. Then, you'll need to stand facing the bar attachment and hold the bar with your palms facing up (shoulder-width grip).

Now, you have to keep your feet shoulder-width apart and the elbows at your sides, and then proceed to lower the bar until the sides fully extend the arms.

Please make sure that your upper arms and elbows remain by the sides throughout and it is only your forearms that should move.

Thereafter, you need to elevate the bar attachment slowly up towards the chest while inhaling. These steps constitute one rep and you need to perform about 15-25 reps with a weight load that can possibly bring you to or near failure.

2) Dumbbell reverse grip:

You'll have to hold the dumbbells (one each in both your hands) with your palms facing the face (like you're doing a bicep curl).

Now, you need to sit on the end of a flat bench while making sure that the ends of the dumbbells are facing the shoulders.

Thereafter, you'll have to bring the dumbbells down to chest height and hold on for a second or two before you raise the dumbbells back to the initial position.

These steps constitute one rep and you need to use a lighter load to hit the medial head hard; aim for 15-25 reps.

3) Reverse grip floor press:

Position yourself on the floor and underneath the barbell. The legs can be bent or straight and your eyes should be underneath the bar. 

Now, you'll need to grip the bar with the palms towards the head. Make sure to pull the elbows towards the torso with the back of your arms touching the floor.

Once you have completed the last step, you'll have to drive the weight up until the elbows are fully extended while ensuring that the shoulders are never off the floor. You should focus to push yourself deeper into the floor.

Now, bring the elbows back down while taking a small pause at the bottom before you get ready with another rep. Ideally, you should perform 8-20 reps.

We hope that these best tricep exercises for the medial head will help you build strong and powerful arms.

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