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Creatine vs PreWorkout Supplements

Fitness enthusiasts tend to get confused which is the best supplement to achieve their fitness goals: creatine, pre-workout supplements, or a combination of both.

Let us read about creatine and pre-workout supplements and find out which one is superior and if taking them both at the same time can be a better choice for you.


Creatine is a blend of three amino acids (glycine, arginine, and methionine) and forms adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that is the natural energy source of the body.

When you take creatine supplements, your body creates more of ATP that, in turn, helps you handle high-intensity, short bursts of exercises.

By doing this, it helps you gain solid muscle mass, strength, endurance, power, and stamina.

It also improves your athletic performance and the ability to handle intense workouts for longer without feeling muscle soreness, muscle damage, or fatigue.

PreWorkout Supplements

A preworkout supplement is a combination of a rich range of ingredients that help you improve strength, endurance, muscle mass and energy levels.

These supplements for muscle building can be highly useful to enhance your athletic and gym performance and results.

Moreover, preworkout supplements help you smash out more sets, reps, and plateaus so you can become a gym beast in no time.

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Can You Take Creatine And PreWorkout Supplements Together?

The answer is a big YES! You can indeed take both creatine and a preworkout supplement at the same time. Some fitness enthusiasts actually start with the creatine loading phase ahead of using creatine with a preworkout supplement.

They start with a 20 grams daily dose of creatine [divided into four 5-gm of doses throughout the day] for the first 7-10 days and then creatine with a preworkout supplement.

This helps them reap the benefits of the creatine loading phase and then following it with a creatine maintenance dose of 2-10gm every day.

All in all, creatine helps you improve the ability of your muscles to build more strength when taken regularly to achieve what is known as creatine loading.

It improves your exercise and athletic performance while also enhancing injury prevention, thermoregulation, rehabilitation, post-exercise recovery, and concussion and/or spinal cord neuroprotection.

Preworkout supplements, on the other hand, provides a small but a natural and significant boost of endurance and power. They help you lift a bit more and push muscle failure and fatigue just a bit further.

They are second to none when it comes to enhancing energy levels for improved athletic and gym performance.

If you train for more than four days a week and/or are a high-performance athlete, it is best to stack both preworkout and creatine supplements.

A premium-quality preworkout supplement will help you train harder and the creatine will help you easily transform that "hard work and gains" into bigger muscle bulk.

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