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Top Fat-Burning Foods in India

Do you deliberately miss out on social gatherings because of your shaky belly?

Tired of consuming endless weight loss pills that promise the world, but fail to deliver?

Let us explore the best fat-burning foods in India that you can include in your daily diet to lose fat.

Getting in the top body shape of your life is all about making the right diet choices.

Thankfully, there are countless foods that you can add to your daily diet to burn fat like never before.

One of the biggest misconceptions that most obese or overweight people have is that they can burn fat only at the gym.

Undoubtedly, a good diet and workout plan can go a long way to help you burn fat. Moreover, the presence of fitness enthusiasts all around you at the gym does encourage you to realize your fitness and wellness goals.

But you should not miss out on the fact that the human body (and your body is surely no exception) is naturally designed to be a fat burner.

Let us explore some of the best fat-burning foods in India that can help you get rid of extra kilos under the belt.

Chicken: Chicken is one of the most popular protein sources and it is highly effective to gain lean body mass.

You can include chicken meat (especially chicken thighs, wings, and breast) in your diet. The best thing about chicken meat is that it is quite lean.

In other words, it does not have much fat contrary to what most people believe. Ideally, you should consume smoked or baked chicken and stay away from using a lot of oil to cook chicken.

Milk: In the human body, maximum fat gets burnt when protein is digested. In other words, protein is a natural fat burner and you must include rich sources of protein in your daily diet.

For instance, milk is an exceptional source of protein. A cup of milk provides approximately 8 grams of protein. Moreover, milk is rich in potassium, carbohydrates, and calcium. You can include 2-4 cups of milk every day without sugar to burn body fat.

Eggs: Considered to be one of the cheapest and richest sources of protein, eggs provide approximately 12 grams of protein. This protein helps your body stay full for longer and burn more fat than ever.

For instance, you can consume 2 eggs for breakfast to prevent any cravings for foods till lunch. It is important for you to remember that all the protein lies in the egg white while the yellow yolk is 100 percent cholesterol that can only make you gain fat. Therefore, you should discard the yellow yolk and use only the egg whites.

Beans: Considered to be one of the richest vegetarian protein sources, beans are highly rich in dietary fibers and protein. Beans are low in calories and help you stay fuller for longer.

The best thing is that beans don't end up loading your body with unwanted fats and carbs. You can simply add beans to your soups or vegetables.

However, you should avoid ready-to-eat bean preparations as they are high in saturated fats and sodium. You can try fresh, boiled beans along with other vegetables or make delicious beans soups.

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