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5 Amazing Chest Workouts with Dumbbells

Our body muscles support our body and help us to carry out our daily works more efficiently.

If your muscles are strong and healthy, you can do your routine workouts easily without feeling fatigued.

Our upper body muscles are responsible for support the shoulder, arms, and neck.

The chest is the most prominent part of men's body that plays a vital role in giving them a smart physical look.

Men are more conscious about their chest size to look handsome and different from others.

They do different exercises at the gym to give increase their chest size for looking good personality.

In this article, we will explain some home workouts for increasing your chest size by using some simple tools; without any use of a machine.

5 Best Dumbbell Exercises to Increase Your Chest Size:

Weight lifting exercises make our muscles more strong than other body exercises because men increase our endurance ability. 

The dumbbell is one of the best exercising tools; people use for weight lifting to increase muscle power and make them strong. You can also use dumbbells to increase your chest size by doing some easy workouts at your home.

Here are some best chest workouts that you can do at home for increasing your chest size and strengthen your muscles.

1) Dumbbell close grip floor press:

Dumbbell close grip floor press is one of the best dumbbell exercises that work in a better way to increase your chest exercise as well as increase your endurance ability to strengthen your shoulder muscles.

You can do this exercise easily at your home by using a pair of dumbbells.

It is a simple exercise to pump up the chest size that you can also do with a lightweight.

How to do Dumbbell close grip floor press Exercise?

  • Bend your legs by lying on the floor and keep your feet in a flat position. 

  • Hold the weight or dumbbells in your hands on your chest and press it moving your palms inward. Squeeze both dumbbells together, applying all your power as harder as you can.

  • Lower the dumbbells towards your chest by bending your elbows and maintain the inward pressure.

  • Touch the floor lightly with your arms and move the weight back to take the start position.

Repeat Dumbbell close grip floor press exercise according to your capacity.

2) 45-Degree Floor Press Dumbbell Exercise:

The 45-degree dumbbell floor press is another easy exercise that you can do with dumbbells or weight for increasing your chest size quickly at your home. It does not require any special machine or equipment to do.

Moreover, you can do it in your spare time when you have. It is a beginner-level exercise that everyone can do easily; to increase his chest size at home without joining a gym.

How to Do 45-Degree Floor Press Exercise?

  • Lie on the floor on your back and hold the dumbbells at your arm’s length at your chest.

  • Take the starting position by moving your thumbs closer to each other by rotating your wrists.

  • Make your triceps touch the floor by lowering down the dumbbells and keep your elbows to the sides.

  • Now come to the starting position by pressing the weight and moving it back.

Floor press exercise is a great workout that pups your chest and helps you to increase its size. It does not stretches your muscles and hence does not cause any shoulder pain or muscle pain.

3) Dumbbell Bench Press Exercise:

    Dumbbell bench press exercise stabilizes your shoulder muscles as well as increases your chest size providing you great benefits. You can do this exercise with dumbbells without any other exercising tool or machine.

    How to do Dumbbell Bench Press Exercise?

    • Hole the dumbbells at the edges of your shoulder laying on a bench.

    • Press the weights in a straight position on your chest.

    • Take a rest for a second at this position and lower the weight together and touch your shoulder outsides.

    • Move back to the start position for repeating this exercise and take at least 10 repetitions.

    4) Dumbbell Chest Flyes:

      There are a few but effective movements in this dumbbell exercise that not only make your shoulder muscles strong but also pump up your chest size. It also hits your bicep muscles and increases your endurance ability; that helps a lot in your daily workouts.

       How to do Dumbbell Chest Flyes?

      • Lay on a bench by moving your face up, hold the weight over your chest by holding it at your arms, and bend your elbows.

      • Separate your hand by just keeping your arms in a straight position and bring down the dumbbells in such a way that you feel a stretch on your chest.

      • Come back to the start position by reversing these movements and repeat this exercise at least 10 times.

      5) One-Arm hang Snatch Dumbbell Exercise:

        One-Arm Hang snatch is a full-body exercise that uses the hips power, provides stability to your shoulder muscles, and increases your chest as well. You can do this exercise with a pair of dumbbells in easy form.

        How to Do One-Arm hang Snatch Dumbbell Exercise?

        • Stand with shoulder-width apart on your feet and hold a dumbbell down in front of you. 

        • Keep your chest up and back in the flat position, lower the weight down between your knees by pushing your hips.

        • Pull the dumbbells straight by extending your hips quickly and take the weight to the highest height.

        • Move back to the starting position by dropping your body to repeat this exercise.

        Benefits of Dumbbell Chest Workouts:

        Dumbbell exercises are best in making your muscles stronger and pumping up your chest; this exercise hits your chest a lot. Dumbbell exercises do not require any other exercising tool or machine and you can do these exercises in your spare time.

        • Dumbbell exercises provide a great variation in terms of movements that hit your biceps, triceps, and chest.

        • Dumbbell exercise does not stretch your muscles and hence does not cause any shoulder pain or neck pain.

        • Dumbbell exercises develop your triceps and build endurance that increases your weight lifting power and also pumps up your chest.

        • Dumbbell exercises have a large motion variation that has more chances to grow up your muscles and chest.

        • There are a lot of dumbbell workouts that play a vital role in growing your upper chest and middle chest.

        The Bottom Line:

        Chest size is an important aspect of your personality, especially men worry a lot about their chest size. They join a gym to do machine exercises and other workouts to increase their chest size.

        Weight lifting exercise helps increase your chest size and also makes your muscles strong.

        Dumbbell workouts help you a lot; to make your chest size grow up and give you a handsome look.

        You can use dumbbells at your home to do simple workouts, which help to increase your chest size, and these exercises do not need any other machine.

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