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Brahmi – Health Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

It is collected from the plant extract that is used in Indian traditional medicine, it is famous throughout the world because of its natural ingredient medicine and medication techniques.

Brahmi is the common name of the Bacopa monnieri, it’s a plant that is used specifically in Ayurveda.

Some newbies also mixed it up with other plants like gotu kola etc that look same but their use and qualities are different. So, carefully select the right plant for required Ayurveda medicine.

It is found in wetlands of Eastern and southern regions of India and many other places like Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe and South & north of America.

Brahmi is used for treatment of most of the diseases and disorders that relate with the brain. Most commonly it cures

  1. Alzheimer’s disease

  2. Improving memory

  3. Anxiety

  4. (ADHD) Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder

It’s also used in the eatables that the people use to give to their kids to make their memory strong.

It’s also helps in the development of the brain cells. Today, we are going to discuss Brahmi, its uses till its side effects, all the relate information you will get from this article, let’s check out.

Health Benefits of Brahmi:

Here are the benefits of brahmi that you must know. Let’s get started:

  1. Anxiety

Brahmi is used to reduce the anxiety and also help in to decrease the stress level. Basically, it will help to decrease the cortisol level that commonly known as the stress hormone.

Brahmi responds against the effects of the anxiety by the regulating hormones intricate with the stress reaction.

  1. Alzheimer’s disease

This disease is happened when the amyloid compound that becomes the reason of brain cell damage found in the neuron.

Brahmi will help to rebuild and recreate the brain tissues.

  1. Memory

Brahmi directly effect on the hippocampus part of the brain that help to improve the memory of the person.

It will not only sharpen your memory but also increase the level of concentration and intelligence of the person who using the Ayurveda medicine that has brahmi in the ingredient.

  1. Cancer cells

The main objective of the antioxidant is to target the free radicals that become the cause of cancer.

Brahmi is blessed with unlimited quantity of antioxidant in it that will keep you healthy and active.

  1. Immune system

If someone is taking brahmi, after its regular use it will increase the function of immune system.

It is not working alone but with the other antioxidants and increase the time of response of immune system that helps to prevent against many diseases.

Uses of Brahmi:

The main use of brahmi is in the Ayurveda medicine and most of the people use it different homemade items, or as a home remedy. Here is the major use of brahmi is as follow:

  • Help to cure many disorders:

If you are taking the bacopa syrup daily for a month, it will definitely cure many disorder included:

  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • racing heart
  • trouble sleeping
  • headaches
  • tiredness
  • difficulty concentrating
  • stomach discomfort

These are the main disorder that is target by the brahmi.

  • It will help to improve Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms:

If you take bacopa for six months at least, it will not only improve the symptoms of ADHD but also cure the kid’s issues that are dealing with ADHD like learning issue and restlessness.

  • Help in improving memory:

There is no any specific amount mention for improving memory. Some researcher said it only effective for adults but some said the 6 to 8 age is perfect for the usage of brahmi.

  • Epilepsy:

Brahmi is very effective for the people who are dealing with epilepsy. Though there are many types of epilepsy and which one gets more benefit because of it is unknown.

If you have epilepsy try brahmi for five months and check the results.

Here are few more diseases and disorder in which brahmi can be used:
  • Insomnia (sleep problems)
  • Asthma
  • Backache
  • Hoarseness
  • Mental illness
  • Joint pain (rheumatism)
  • Sexual problems
  • Fluid retention
  • Cancer
  • Ulcers

Hence, it’s helpful in all the internal issues of the human.

Side Effects of brahmi:

Brahmi is basically for adult use. Some people also complain about the stomach issue, so in such conditions leave the brahmi for some time.

There are no any major side effects that should be listed but here are few that you should know:

  1. increased bowel movements

  2. stomach cramps

  3. nausea

  4. dry mouth

  5. fatigue

Pregnancy and breast-feeding:

If you are pregnant then don’t use brahmi because there is no data and research conducted on the pregnant ladies.

It may or may not be good during pregnancy, so the better option is to avoid it.

Lung conditions:

The regular use of Brahmi might increase the fluid secretions in the lungs and become the reason of emphysema or asthma.

Thyroid disorders:

Some people who are suffering with thyroid hormones imbalance took brahmi as a medicine.

If you are already taking the thyroid medicine then it is not for you. Avoid it.

Urinary tract obstruction:

Brahmi might raise the secretions in the urinary tract and become the reason of many urinary issues.

In short, it can’t be taken without any prescription or any Ayurveda expert. It is important to check the reason of your diseases before taking it as a medicine.

If you are taking decision of taking the assistance of Ayurveda then you must follow it because you can’t take the assistance of all type of medical ways.

Bottom line:

Brahmi is the plant that belongs to Kingdom Plantae and Plantaginaceae family.

It has major use in Ayurveda and their uses in most of the medicine that keep mind relax and also deal with other internal issues.

There is no specific side effect of it but in few conditions it should be forbidden like pregnancy.

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