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Dhania Water - Health Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Dhania Water, also known as coriander water, is a very cooling, refreshing and hydrating drink during summers.

It can be consumed every day as it has no side effects (side effects only occur in rare cases with sensitivity and allergy)

Dhania Water is made by boiling coriander leaves or seeds and then letting them cool down. Coriander or cilantro is famous for its nutritional content that benefits our digestive system and heart health.

It is said to prevent food poisoning and other digestive disorders commonly. It is so safe and pure that even pregnant and nursing women consume it. 

Health benefiting properties of Dhania Water:

Dhania Water contains a lot of Vitamin C, Vitamin K and protein. It also contains small amounts of calcium, phosphorous, potassium, thiamin, niacin and carotene.

It also contains many health benefitting properties. It is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anticancer, pain-relieving, antispasmodic, anti-cholesterol, anti-diabetic, anti-neurodegenerative, and antibacterial. Isn’t that a very long list of coriander water?

Health Benefits & Uses of Dhania Water:

  • Treats Skin Diseases

Dhania Water has many soothing and calming properties that can heal and soothe your skin.

It keeps your skin hydrated and detoxifies the skin cells. It even brings glowy and radiant skin. 

Due to dhania’s antiseptic, antifungal, detoxifying and antioxidant properties, it protects your skin from eczema, pimples, skin dryness, oiliness and hyperpigmentation. It also helps your skin remain glowy.

  • Anti-inflammatory

Many people suffer from chronic inflammation that may cause so many digestive problems, skin disorders and cancers.

Drinking dhania water every morning can prevent inflammation and swelling of the cells and tissues.

It contains several antioxidants and linoleic acids that help reduce inflammation of the intestines, stomach, skin cells and many other organs. It treats and prevents diseases too.

  • Good For Eye Health

Dhania water and its juice can be extremely beneficial in improving your eyesight. It improves blurred vision and cornea health.

It contains vitamin A, C, and minerals like phosphorus. These vitamins and minerals in dhania seeds can prevent the eyesight from being weak.

Dhania water promotes the nutritional supply to your eyes and nerves. It even reduces the risk of conjunctivitis, cataracts and vision disorders such as age-related vision loss.

  • Improves Digestion

“Both coriander leaves and coriander seeds are excellent for digestion and soothing queasy stomach.

Coriander has active compounds that stimulate the digestive enzymes and juices, which help support healthy digestion, prevent flatulence, gas production, bloating and nausea.” (NDTV)

Drinking one big glass of dhania water every morning can help improve your digestion and empty bowels every day. It is said to be very helpful in treating IBS.

  • Reduces High Blood Sugar

In a study conducted by NCBI, it was found how coriander can reduce high blood sugar levels: Coriandrum sativum (coriander) has been documented as a traditional treatment of diabetes.

In the present study, coriander incorporated into the diet (62.5 g/kg) and drinking water (2.5 g/l, prepared by 15 min decoction) reduced hyperglycaemia of streptozotocin-diabetic mice.

It helps your pancreas produce more insulin and creates insulin sensitivity. It reverses insulin resistance which is the root cause of most type 2 diabetes disorders.

  • Rich in Calcium

Coriander seeds contain a good amount of calcium that can be very useful for your bones and improving bone density. It promotes brain regrowth and prevents osteoporosis.

You can add a few coriander leaves to a glass of water, crush them and make a juice. Or soak some coriander seeds and consume the water. Both can be equally beneficial for your bones health.

Calcium is also needed for your skin, hair and other functions. 

  • Use in the treatment for Irregular Periods

Coriander seeds and leaves contain anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that can reduce the swelling of your uterus and promote regular periods. It stops the irritation in the vaginal walls. 

You should boil the coriander seeds in water till it reduces to half, then strain the seeds with a strainer and drink the water lukewarm until your next cycle. This can help to deal with irregular or heavy menstrual flow.

  • Reduces High Cholesterol Levels

Dry coriander seeds have high levels of antioxidants that are generally needed to flush out the plaque deposits in the arteries and veins. 

“Coriander is also a diuretic in nature, which means it enhances the ability of kidneys to flush out toxins, including unwanted cholesterol.” (Hindustan Times)

  • Fights Cold & Cough

The antioxidants in coriander water help fight infections, bacterial and fungal cold and cough.

Since dhania has a lot of vitamin C in it, you can never fall sick or have sneezing, runny nose again.

  • Works for Hair

You can drink a glass of dhania water for your hair too. It keeps you de-stressed most of the times and helps you keep your cool.

Since stress is one big reason for hair loss and premature hair greying, coriander leaves can prevent that from happening. Plus, they even help you grow your hair again.

  • Euphoric Effect

Dried coriander seeds have a good euphoric effect, especially on women. These can improve sex life, drive and desire among men and women.

Having dhania as a spice or in boiled water can improve your performance and fertility rates as well.

Side-Effects of Dhania Water:

Coriander seeds and their water are usually considered to be very safe for everyone.

Kids, adults, and old people can consume it without any risks. However, consuming anything in excess can harm your body and cause side effects.

It is likely safe when consumed orally but may cause allergic reactions in some people with sensitive skin and conditions. (WebMD

  • Overconsumption of dhania water may cause swelling inside the mouth.

  • It may also cause a nasal reaction, swelling and hives.

  • Some people even experience asthma but that is a very rare scenario.

  • It may cause skin irritation and itching too.

Make sure you boil the water properly before serving dhania water to your loved ones.


Dhania water is an exceptionally healthy drink that is used to treat so many health problems. It is extremely famous for its digestive disorders’ treatment abilities. You should definitely include this in your diet.

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