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FISH AND CURD: A toxic food combination or just a myth?

When you plan a meal, you always prepare for it beforehand. Many nutrients from the meal often pass from the body.

These nutrients may positively affect the body. Some other might even affect the body negatively. Many people out there love to have seafood.

However, such people also face a statement that has been going around for many years. 

According to a common belief, it is not permissible to eat fish and curd together. This statement is most popular in the Asian countries.

If we think about it, then this statement is most common in Southeast Asian countries. Nevertheless, is this statement just a myth or is there any fact behind it.

Understanding Food interactions

When people eat food, they do not think much about it. However, various food interactions can adversely affect the body.

These effects are often because of the interference of one food to others.

Food interactions can create both positive and negative impacts on the body. Some food items improve the absorption of the nutrition.

On the other hand, some might even hinder the absorption of the nutrients.

  • The effects of eating fish and curd together

Consumption of fish and curd in combination can cause skin-related issues.

According to the old wives’ tale, consuming both of these together can cause white patches on the skin.

The patches are often irreversible. The name of the skin condition is Vitiligo.

  • Understanding Vitiligo

If people say that, a combination of fish and curd will lead you to develop Vitiligo. Then it is better to understand the physiology of the disease. Vitiligo leads to the development of white patches on the skin.

These patches can appear anywhere on the body such as the face, hands or even legs.

Damage or death of melanocytes is the prime cause of this disease. Melanin is the color-producing pigment of the body.

The disease is usually hereditary. It can also occur due to a weak immune system. There are no studies that prove that curd and fish are responsible for this.

What does Science say about Fish and Curd?

According to science, there are no researches to support this myth.

The only reason to avoid eating fish and curd together is an allergic reaction. Therefore, if you are allergic to any of these food items, then it is better to avoid it altogether.

The nutrient values of both fish and curd are quite high. The individual use of these food items is usually to speed up recovery from ailments.

This means that the only reason that you will get a reaction is if you have a seafood allergy.

Another probable reason is that you are intolerant to dairy products. Other than these reasons, there is no scientific fact to avoid fish and curd together.

One of the common believes is that fish and curd are extremely rich in protein.

Many people avoid pairing up vegetarian and non-vegetarian forms of protein together. In this case, fish is the non-vegetarian form of protein.

Since curd is a dairy by-product of animals, it is the vegetarian form of protein. Although this reasoning fails to find support from scientific researches.

What Does Traditional Science say about Fish and Curd?

Traditional medicine justifies why to avoid a combination of fish and curd. According to Ayurveda, milk derived from animals.

Whereas fish belongs to a non-vegetarian diet style of food. Keeping this in mind, avoid consumption of curd and fish together at all costs.

Fish produce a heating effect on the body. Curd, on the other hand, helps to cool down the body.

Eating the two will create an imbalance of temperature in the body. Many nutritionists believe in the cooling and heating effects of foods.

A concept called the Tamas Guna in terms of Ayurveda. Tamas Guna may lead to chemical changes in the human body.

This might lead to pigmentation of the skin. This is the reason that some nutritionists might advise you to avoid it.

The imbalance of temperature can create havoc of the digestive system. People with weak immune systems have a more pronounced effect.

Food Recipes with curd and fish

Most of us would have devoured those fish curries that are flavorful and delicious. Many of these south Asian dishes have curd as their core ingredients.

Fish curries also include curd in them. The combined cooking of fish and curd in these recipes is a sure short way to reject the myth.

Curries with curd, milk, and fish are one of the healthiest in terms of nutrition.

Debunking the Myth

A myth always remains a myth until scientific data supports it. As of now, there are no researches that prove otherwise.

Therefore, the statement that curd and fish are a deadly combination will forever remain a myth. None of the nutritionists has labeled fish and curd to be bad food combinations.

Some people report having stomachaches after eating this combination of food. If you are experiencing side effects, then it is must be because of unhygienic practices.

Thus, it is advisable to cook fish and curd with utmost hygiene at home. Another reason that of side effects is because some people are lactose intolerant. Lactose intolerant people when consuming dairy products suffer stomachache.

Therefore, eating those yummy fish curries in curd will not develop any symptoms in your body.

However, this point is only valid in case you have a properly functioning immune system. Because people with poor immunity might feel nauseous after eating these dishes.


It is safe to conclude that eating fish and curd together will not produce any side effects on the human body.

The food combination does not produce any side effects. There is no harm whatsoever in eating these two together.

However, if you are a firm believer in Ayurvedha, then you should look into the matter. Further conclusive researchers will help to establish ground on the topic. Traditional medicine is not always right.

While we are thankful for the years of wisdom, the science points towards the opposite.

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