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How To Gain Body Weight Within a Month?

Hmm… That’s a difficult question. It depends on how long you’ve been skinny or if you have a condition or an illness. There are so many people seeking ways to gain weight quickly.

Let me tell you the fact: It is possible to gain weight within a month. This can be true only if you use the right methods and techniques that fit best for your body type and condition.

Let us understand a few things first.

Why haven’t you been able to gain bodyweight?

Most people who are skinny have a condition, this can be a physical or mental condition. Some people have thyroid, digestive disorders, cancer, diabetes or simply loss of appetite. While the physical reasons are often treated, we overlook the mental reasons such as Bulimia Nervosa.

This mental disorder makes you feel different about your body. You often binge eat but are in constant fear if you will gain weight subconsciously. This doesn’t let your body gain weight.

Can you overcome these situations?

Yes, overcoming physical as well as mental barriers is possible. You may eat foods that recharge your system and release positive chemicals in your brain so you never feel low or negative about your body.

Keeping-happy hormones are the key to gaining good weight.

What if you have tried everything to gain weight?

Some people say they have tried everything in order to gain weight, but here’s my question… “If you have tried everything, then why isn’t it working out?”

There’s got to be something that went wrong. You might have done the wrong workouts, diet or taken the pills that suit your body. You should never give up.

How can I be sure of gaining weight?

The first step is to understand your body and know your condition. What foods suit your appetite, condition, and make you feel good. That’s very important.

The second step is to consult a doctor or take a supplement that is guaranteed to work. Your doctor might prescribe one for you, or if you feel that’s a lengthy process, you can go for a supplement that doesn’t require any prescription.

Is it possible to gain a healthy weight within ONE MONTH?

Yes, you can gain a healthy weight within a month’s time if you follow your diet and workout efficiently. However, most of us get bored with the routine and can’t continue doing the same exercises and eating the same food.

We want good food that pleases our taste buds. If you break the cycle, you might not be able to gain a healthy weight within a month.

Here are the foods you should consume:
  • You may eat eggs as they’re high in protein and help in the fat-gaining mechanism.
  • Drink milk that is full cream. You must consume the cream as well. It is extremely nutritious and high in protein.
  • Consume nuts and fruits. These have great vitamins, minerals and nutrients that can boost your metabolism so you can digest what you eat.
  • Eat chicken, meat, cottage cheese or soya to gain muscle mass.
  • Potatoes and other carbs should be consumed during the day time as they’re full of fibre and fats.
  • Do not go to be hungry, always gulp down a glass of milk or have a quick snack.

These may help you add a few pounds within a month’s time.

Here are the exercises you should do:
  • You can do pushups as they help you build lean muscles quickly.
  • Pullups can help you gain weight in shape, so add them to your workout routine.
  • You don’t want your legs to remain thin while your torso is fluffy. So do squats!
  • You can play along as you munch by doing some lunges and bench presses as well. These will make sure your fats are converted and shaped well into leaner muscles.
  • Do not go for cardio, however, you may want to walk a little bit. It’s not advised for you to run and do all the fat-burning exercises.

Remember, do not skip a day!

Now you might also come across some homemade remedies that help you gain weight.

However, not all of these work for everyone. You’re different and have a unique body and condition. The herbs, spices and their combinations might suit best to someone but not you.

So be very careful while choosing a homemade remedy for yourself. Some remedies can actually stop you from gaining weight as they accidentally switch on the weight-loss mechanism too. This makes it very difficult to gain weight in some people.


Do you have so much time in hands to think what works for your body type, condition and what you should avoid? Most of us are so busy, gaining weight in a month becomes impossible.

That’s why we have hardly heard of people who succeed in doing so within a month’s time. It is time you change your strategy and opt for something that is a done-for-you solution.

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