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How to Make a Weight-Gain Powder at Home?

Thin and skinny ones wonder to gain weight, while thick and fluffy ones wonder how to lose weight.

This is a never-ending quest and tons of remedies evolve every day. While we have thousands of remedies already to lose weight, we have very few to gain weight.

Some might tell you to eat junk food, cheese, butter, bread, potatoes, refined flour stuff and so much more.

While some people might ask you to consume protein powders, do some push-ups and dips, eat whey protein and carbs.

Now, let me ask you a question if these things really worked, why are people not able to gain healthy weight? 

Of course, you can gain weight from eating pizzas and pasta, but do you want to die with obesity? Do you want to die with fats hanging around your waist and thighs?

Well, let’s be honest. This is not the ideal way to gain healthy weight. A very common idea has been a hot potato these days: “Weight-gain powder”. Let’s see what this is…

What is ‘weight-gain powder’?

A weight-gain powder is a recipe of food items or ingredients that can help a person gain weight.

You may add all the fat-producing foods to make this powder. Of course, dried ingredients are needed to make this powder.

People often prefer buying a weight-gainer powder rather than making one because it is easier that way. 

However, if you feel you can make an authentic powder at home, here are the things you must take care of…

  • The powder needs to be safe for your conditions.
  • It needs to have pure and organic ingredients only.
  • It must contain nutritional ingredients.
  • It needs to be checked and verified in terms of dosage too.
  • If a powder has worked for others, it may not work for you so be careful.

How to make a weight-gain powder at home?

Firstly, to make your weight-gain powder, you need a food processor or a mixer/grinder. Secondly, your ingredients should contain carbohydrates, fats, protein, sugar, fibre, saturated fat, sodium, and most importantly- calories.

Lastly, don’t forget to check if these ingredients have calcium, minerals and vitamins too. You want to gain healthy weight for sure, right?

So… To get started, you may add the following ingredients and experiment with your taste…

  • Oats
  • Chocolate powder
  • Milk powder
  • Peanut butter powder
  • Protein Powder
  • Almonds and other dry fruits

(You may also add whey protein)

You simply have to mix them and store them in a container. Consume a scoop of this powder every day and hope that it works for you. While most people have already tried consuming such weight-gain powders, they miss out on real nutrition and the root cause of why they aren’t gaining weight.

So if you plan on making a weight-gain powder, the above-given ingredients are very ideal but let’s check the following: Do you have diabetes?

Do you suffer from malnutrition? Do you have any deficiency? Do you have inflammation? Do you have a hyperactive metabolism? If yes, these powders won’t really work well for you.

What to do if the weight-gain powders are not for my condition? What is the problem with most weight-gain powders?

If most weight-gain powders are not suiting you well, make you feel awkward or sick, you should stop making your own home-made powders.

It might be possible that you’re anaemic or deficient of something, so your body is unable to put on some healthy weight.

The problem with most weight-gainers are that they’re filled with a lot of simple carbohydrate and protein content.

It is very hard to digest and convert all of that nutrition into energy and lean muscles, so it’s better you check which powder has all that you need.

On a brighter side…

Home-made weight-gainers don’t have artificial colours or taste. They don’t even have preservatives and you can make them sweeter or darker according to your preference.

Also, some home-made weight-gainers cost a lot lesser than the weight-gain supplements available on the market today.

Some people prefer consuming weight-gainer shakes too! These shakes can be made on a daily basis adding your favourite weight-gaining fruits like bananas or mangoes.

You can also use some creamy or toned milk or milk powder. Some people prefer adding peanut powder too, it depends on your choice.

Don’t forget to add some pumpkin seeds or other seeds for your nutrition too.

Can I gain weight in some other way? What to eat?

Yes, of course. You can gain weight by eating a balanced diet and exercising properly.

Also, make sure you consume all kinds of foods and don’t just focus on high-carb diet meals.

You must add some greens, herbs, fruits, vegetables, chocolates, oats, grains, sprouts etc.

A well-balanced diet can help you overcome the root cause of your problem. You’re skinny for ages now because your metabolism is hyperactive for some reason.

We need to target and regulate your metabolism so your fat-burning mechanism is slowed down.

But you know what, let’s just drop the plans of making home-made powder because there are just too many things to take care of.

And honestly, we’re too busy to make a home-made weight-gainer. I have an all-natural solution for you. It is called Mass Gainer from Prorganiq.

Weight Gainer by Prorganiq is the ultimate revolutionary way of gaining weight.

It doesn’t matter what your condition is, how chronic your illnesses are, you can still consume Mass Gainer.

You can continue to eat what you do, consume the supplements and medicines you do as this supplement doesn’t interfere with your routine or medicine consumption at all.

It is the best because it supports your digestive health, metabolism, helps you overcome deficiencies and other problems.

It is made of 100% natural ingredients that are sourced from the best places. And the people who have already consumed this dietary supplement say that it works within a month itself.

If this works so well, would you even want to take so many efforts and make a home-made weight-gainer?

If you want to have a look at the ingredients, benefits and price of this supplement, click here and try it out.

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