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A Perfect Diet Chart for Women: From 80 KG to 55 KG! NO Gym

In modern judgmental society, it is no easy thing to stay confident and happy with 80 kg body weight, especially for women.

We try countless things like gym training, walking, cycling, skipping, etc., but still, fail to get satisfactory results because the problem lies in our diets.

To lose weight effectively, there is an important rule named “calorie deficit”. 

If you are doing endless physical exercises but are not paying any attention to your diet and how many calories you are consuming each day then you will fail to reach your goal.

A calorie deficit is the term used when we consume fewer calories than we burn. Say, if you are consuming 1500 calories a day, you have to burn 2000 calories that day to create a calorie deficit of 500.

Only then you would be able to notice the change in your body weight.

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So here I am presenting you with a meal plan which would help you attain your goal flawlessly.

In the morning

Before anything else in the morning, bless yourself with a treat of lemon water or you can also drink apple cider vinegar water.

It will help in maintaining ph level of the blood, regulates blood sugar, lowers blood pressure, and accelerates weight loss. It will prepare your body for the coming whole day.


Incorporate food items into your breakfast which are rich in fiber and proteins. Fiber will help with digestion and protein will keep you filled for a longer duration to avoid munching on unhealthy food in between your meal-times. 

This way you can avoid untimely snacking, thus contributing to weight loss. For some liquid diet, you can enjoy green tea or any detox tea variants like lemon tea, Hunza tea, etc.

These tea variants will soothe your cravings for coffee and help in detoxification as well as weight loss with many other health benefits.

If you are madly addicted to coffee then I wouldn’t sin parting you from your beloved. You can have a cup of coffee or milk tea once at least before 2 hours of lunch. 

To accompany your coffee you can much on some walnuts, peanuts, almonds, etc. which are healthy for your body but make sure you are not consuming too many of them as they are only meant to serve as snacks not to fill your stomach.

Do not eat any unhealthy or high-calorie snacks with your coffee.


Roti – You can have roti for lunch but prefer the oat flour or rice flour because they are gluten-free and won’t pose any threat of indigestion.

Also, they are rich in protein and fiber with a good amount of calories needed for your body to function nicely. You can have 2 rotis for your lunch.

Rice – If you are a rice person then you can have some rice. Avoid roti with rice as both of them will increase your calorie intake for the day. Remember the key of calorie deficit to lose weight effectively.

Vegetables – To pair with your rotis you can have lentils and beans (dals or rajma).

Snack time – you have many options for this one:

  • Have some brown bread or multigrain bread with peanut or almond butter on top and green tea in the other hand. Enjoy your evening snack time with this healthy and delicious treat.
  • You can have some Upma or Poha too if you are not a bread person.
  • If you are not used to having tea you can have a fresh fruit chat with some cumin powder and salt sprinkled over it. Salt will make them taste better and cumin will help in burning your body fat. Make sure you are eating seasonal fruits.
  • If you are a smoothie lover then you can also opt for a healthy fruit smoothie as per your liking.


Roti/Rice – choose the alternative according to your lunch meal. If you had roti in your lunch then have a cup of rice and if you had rice then have 2 rotis in your dinner.

Currys and vegetables – again lentils and beans are the best sources of protein. You can also have a 3/4th of a cup of green vegetables like broccoli. Avoid eating oily food at night as it will mess up your digestion and will only accelerate the weight gain process.

Salad – Have some cucumber, onion or other leafy salad like lettuce to aid the digestion process.

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Night drink

You can have a cup of green tea after an hour of your meal to aid digestion. If you have sleeping issues then you may try decaffeinated coffee.

These drinks won’t only improve your metabolism but also calm your nerves and bless you with deep sleep.

  • Again make sure you are burning enough calories to create a calorie deficit in your body.
  • For this, you can choose a single form of exercise be it skipping, swimming, walking, running, etc. Doing it the right way will help you lose weight and become lean.

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