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Protein Powder Shakes: How Much Time It Takes to Digest

Whether you are looking to build stronger muscles or reduce recovery time, there is no better option than a decent protein shake. According to research, protein shake helps with maintaining lean body mass and increasing strength.

However, what type of protein shake you are taking and time of consumption is important as well. Because protein shake digestion time can quickly become a matter of concern if you are doing it wrong.

Some whey protein and vegan protein shakes side effects are related to absorption and digestion. That’s why digestion time is becoming an increasingly popular element in the descriptions of protein shakes.

Types of protein shakes and their digestion time

There are different types of Protein shakes available online and in stores. Some are made from animal protein or dairy-based protein and others are plant-based or vegan proteins. As per respective digestion times, protein shakes are further divided into 3 types.

Fast, Medium, and Slow Digesting Protein

These days, Fast, Medium, and slow proteins are becoming more and more popular descriptions for protein shakes. This way the consumer can purchase the right protein shake and get maximum effect.

  • Fast Digesting Protein: Takes 1-2 hours to digest.

  • Medium Digesting Protein: Takes 3 to 3 ½ hours to digest.

  • Slow Digesting Protein: Takes more than 4 hours to digest.

The most common and widely popular proteins are whey or casein protein shakes. Both these shakes are made with dairy-based proteins. However, for vegans and lactose-intolerant people, there is a wide range of options as well.

Vegan protein shakes are mostly made with peas, soy, or even brown-rice protein. Vegan protein shake digestion time is usually less than dairy-based protein shakes.

Learning more about some different types of protein shakes digestion time can help you make the right decision about which one will suit you the best.

Whey Protein Shakes

Whey protein is basically a byproduct which separates from milk while curdling. Whey is formed in the process of making cheese. Yes, the liquid once considered as waste, is recognized as one of the highest quality sources of protein today.

Besides, whey protein shakes have the highest biological value of any protein. That means it is digested and absorbed in the body more quickly and efficiently than other non-vegan protein shakes.

However, whey protein shake digestion time depends on an individual’s tolerance to dairy as well. If you can handle whey, a good quality whey protein shake will be digested within 1.5 to 2 hours.

In this time your body will absorb quickly absorb the amino acids which aid in faster muscle gain.

Whey protein shakes works best If you consume them right after a workout session. It helps with improved body composition by increasing fat loss and preserving lean muscle mass.

Casein Protein Shakes

Casein is one of the most popular protein shakes among athletes. But when it comes to digestion, it takes a longer time than other proteins. Similar to whey protein, casein is also a milk byproduct. Casein contains 80% of the protein content present in milk, whereas whey contains only 20%.

That’s the reason why casein is known as a complete protein source. Casein protein supplement works effectively because it provides all the essential amino acids our body requires for proper growth and repair. It releases amino acids slowly into the body, so the absorption rate and digestion time are high.

Several studies have found that casein shakes help reduce muscle breakdown and boost muscle recovery.

National Strength & Conditioning Association confirmed that Because of being a slow-digesting protein casein shakes are better suited for recovery from endurance exercise.

So if your target is to lose weight or recover faster, casein shakes will be the best choice. Since its digestion time and absorption rate is slower, it keeps you full for a longer time and helps you manage hunger.

Soy Shakes

If you are looking for plant-based protein shakes, Soy shakes are one of the most popular and widely available options. Soy shakes offer similar benefits as whey or casein shakes.

It takes 3-4 hours to digest and is known as a medium digesting protein. According to studies, occasional soy shakes as meal replacements help people lose a significant amount of weight and fat mass.

Vegan Proteins

Apart from Soy shakes, Other commercially available plant-based or vegan proteins shakes are made from different types of seeds and beans, peas, brown rice, etc.

Unlike whey, casein, and soy shakes, other plant-based protein shakes contain only a smaller amount of protein content per serving. However, these popular vegan protein shakes take around 3 to 3 ½ hours to digest.

Understanding different types of protein shake digestion time are important because it helps you find the right product.

Whatever your fitness goal is, make sure you are picking the protein shake with the right blend of protein to reap maximum benefits.

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