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What is Raw Whey Protein?

Today, the easy availability of protein powders has made them the go-to sports nutrition supplement for every fitness enthusiast.

If you're thinking to buy raw whey protein, it's important for you to first know what is raw whey protein and what are its benefits so you can get optimum value from your hard-earned money.

One of the primary underlying differences between raw whey protein and processed protein is that raw proteins are not heated above 48-degree Celsius.

On the other hand, a big majority of processed proteins are generally cooked at high temperatures.

Alternatively, processed proteins are often blended with additional enzymes and acids so that the protein can be broken down more acutely.

On the other hand, raw whey protein offers a wide range of nutritional benefits, including but not limited to amino acids, fiber, fats, and vitamins that would be otherwise removed during the concentration process involving processed protein.

Differences Between Raw Whey Protein And Whey Protein

Raw whey protein is when the whey gets separated from the solids. It is not characterized by the additional artificial flavorings while fats and lactose aren't removed.

This means that raw whey protein still has beneficial nutrients that are missing in whey protein isolate.

This is primarily because raw whey protein is not heated during the preparation stage which means the protein you receive via raw whey protein remains in its purest form for you to consume.

Benefits Of Raw Whey Protein

Let us now explore some benefits of raw whey protein.

  • Reduces cholesterol levels: One of the biggest benefits of raw whey protein is that it helps in reducing bad cholesterol or LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Moreover, raw whey protein can regulate elevated lipid profiles and insulin when supplemented for 12 weeks or more.
  • High absorption: Raw whey protein has an amino acid profile similar to typical whey protein supplements. This means that the included amino acids get easily and quickly absorbed by the body without any negative effect. The human kidney is highly efficient to absorb and facilitate the digestion of raw whey protein.
  • Boosts weight loss: Consuming sports nutrition supplements like raw whey protein in combination with an effective diet and workout plan can go a long way to boost your natural metabolism while helping you get rid of stubborn abdominal and visceral fat. Furthermore, the level of fat present in raw whey protein powders can be highly advantageous to synthesizing the production of natural hormones in the body besides aiding the absorption of essential nutrients.

Whether you consume raw whey protein or a different form, it is important for you to first have a word with your doctor.

Also, you should focus on fulfilling your daily requirement of protein and other nutrients from natural whole foods.

Remember, sports nutrition supplements such as raw whey protein are only a way to fill in the nutritional deficiencies, and are not actual replacements.

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