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Why Should You Use BCAA Supplements?

6 Reasons to Start Taking BCAA Supplements to Improve Muscle and Aid Muscle Recovery!

You might think of BCAAs as a diet supplement to boost your energy. But there are plenty of reasons to include BCAA in your daily routine beyond a simple, short-term energy boost.

BCAAs are the only legal muscle-building supplement proven to increase muscle size and strength. And while they're often marketed as dietary supplements, they have a long history of being used as performance enhancers.

So, if you're looking to put on some serious muscle, here are 06 reasons to start taking BCAAs.

The Basics of BCAAs

In combination, leucine, isoleucine, and valine are the three essential amino acids that make up branched-chain amino acids. These amino acids have a distinct structure that promotes the building of muscle.

In general, amino acids make up the protein structure, which is an essential component of lean muscle.

However, the body cannot produce critical amino acids; as a result, these amino acids must be obtained from the food.

BCAAs are present in foods high in protein, such as meat, poultry, and eggs. Nevertheless, athletes and other people who exercise at high intensity may require more of these amino acids than they can obtain from their diet alone.

06 Reasons to Start Using BCAAs

Here are a few reasons to start using BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids):

1. They are known to help reduce muscle breakdown due to intense exercise.

2. They may also boost your immune system.

3. They can help maintain muscle mass when you're training harder or need to gain muscle mass.

4. They can be used with other amino acids to help balance your diet and provide extra support.

5. BCAA powder will not throw your carefully chosen dietary program out of balance.

6. The best part? They are entirely natural and can be taken in almost any form—including powder, capsule, pill, shake, etc.

How Much BCAA Should You Take?

Research has shown that a daily BCAA supplement may reduce muscle breakdown and improve recovery. BCAA supplements contain the amino acid L-leucine, a key player in protein synthesis.

One study found that taking 1,500 mg of the amino acid as an oral supplement daily for five days after a workout was just as effective as a traditional recovery method of consuming a protein shake for three days.

When To Take BCAAs?

When you wake up in the morning, your body undergoes a series of reactions that prepare your muscles for the day ahead. Your heart beats faster, and your blood flows to the muscles to get ready for action, but what happens if you don't fuel your body with essential amino acids?

If you don't eat or drink enough BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids), your body won't be adequately prepared to perform its day-to-day functions.

According to research from Loyola University, people who don't consume BCAAs during the day could experience fatigue, muscle cramping, mood swings, and other physical side effects. None of these effects is good when working hard to build muscle!

Active training needs BCAA supplementation before and after sessions to support endurance during the session and to aid muscle recovery after exercise.

Prorganiq BCAA Fizz - A Better Way To Get The BCAAs You Need

Prorganiq BCAA Fizz, a BCAA supplement designed for pre and post-workout supplementation. This brand-new supplement contains 3000mg L-leucine, 1500mg L-isoleucine, 1500mg L-valine, and 1000mg glutamine, giving you all the muscle-building and post-exercise recovery benefits you need.

Just as crucial for long-term use, our drink powder has a lemon and cola fizz flavor that will satisfy your taste buds and refresh your palate in a way no other BCAA supplement can manage!

It's Not Just About The BCAAs - Flavours Matters Too!

How often have you tried supplements such as shakes, chews, or drinks and then stopped using them? Not because they did not have the benefits to your body that you were looking for, but because, to put it mildly, they tasted terrible.

The best supplement for you is one that benefits your body and is pleasant and refreshing to use. That's why we know that our Prorganiq BCAA Fizz should be in your sports bag for use before and after your training sessions.

Because you want to get even more out of your training regime, discover more about our brand new Prorganiq BCAA Fizz. Try the great flavour and muscle-building benefits for yourself!










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