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Carom/ Ajwain – Health Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Ajwain is a spice in the form of seeds that are used in every Indian household. Ajwain adds flavour to food but it also helps by giving several health benefits.

Ajwain seeds are rich in minerals, fibres, nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins. People also prefer to choose them RAW or to use them in tea to extract maximum nutrition from them.

Ajwain adds aroma to food and also provides several health benefits to us. Here are a few health benefits of Carom seeds.

Health Benefits of Ajwain:

  • To provide relief from indigestion and acidity

Ajwain is used as a very common home remedy to treat indigestion and acidity. Carom seeds keep the stomach strong and also help to prevent the stomach from getting upset.

When we consume ajwain several gastric juices are released in our stomach because of the active enzymes present in ajwain. These juices help to you must be digestion power of the stomach.

You can make effective ajwain tea by adding carom seeds and Cumin to boiling water and let it simmer for some time.

  • Helps to treat the common cold

Ajwain has a warm character. This helps to prevent congestion and blockage of the nose during the cold. Ajwain is very commonly used as a home remedy for every patient suffering from asthma and bronchitis. You can use ajwain seeds as a treatment for your migraine and sinus.

  • For pain relief

Ajwain acts as a pain reliever if you are suffering from any internal injury. You can use ajwain seeds to get through the pain of ear and throat.

It has a refreshing aroma and healing effect which makes it was an instant pain reliever. It also helps you to get relief from the arthritis pain. All you need to do this consume ajwain seeds daily to boost your immune system.

  • For cleaning wounds

Carom seeds consist of thymol which is considered to be strong germicide and fungicide. You can apply the ajwain seeds after crushing them into a fine powder and applying it to your skin to prevent skin infections and acne. Next time if you suffer a cut then you can bring Carmon seeds to your rescue.

  • Ajwain helps to reduce weight

Ajwain is an appetite stimulant. Ajwain helps to fasten the bowel movements on your body by acting like laxatives. Ajwain is considered to help in regulating obesity when consumed with water daily.

  • Improve the health of the kidney and removes a kidney stone

Ajwain has very powerful kidney stone eradicating property. When you consume ajwain with water daily it will remove the kidney stone from your body and the stone will pass through urine. Besides this ajwain also helps in removing cholera from the body.

  • Ajwain helps you to treat asthma

When you inhale the smoke of ajwain, the smoke access bronchodilator which makes an easy pattern for breathing. You can take one tablespoon of ajwain daily with 1 tablespoon of jaggery and some water to help you treat asthma.

  • Helps to reduce the blood sugar level

Diabetic people can take most of the benefit of ajwain by consuming it daily with water. Ajwain has the property of inhibiting the blood sugar levels.

Uses of Ajwain/Carom seeds:

Ajwain seeds have many uses despite the health benefits. Let us check them one by one:

  • Use Ajwain as a mosquito repellent

You can use ajwain as a mosquito repellent if your repellent form the drug store brand doesn’t prove to be effective.

You can mix Ajwain with mustard oil and rub the paste on the cardboard pieces and ward them off on the corners of your house. This will give your house a beautiful smell instead of the burning fumes of the coil. This will keep the mosquitoes away.

  • Cleanse your skin using Ajwain seeds

How many times have we used the acne removal creams and haven’t gotten rid of acne scars? Inline the creams, you can always trust the Carom seeds to come to your rescue when you need to remove blemishes and remove acne scars.

You can mix Ajwain powder with a little water and apply the paste on the affected region. Keep it for 10-15 minutes and rinse it. When used daily, this can reduce the scars pretty quickly.

  • Get rid of your arthritis pain

Ajwain seed consists of two properties antibiotic and anaesthetic properties. Antibiotic properties comfort you against redness where is the anaesthetic properties of the ajwain help you to get soothing relief from the swelling and the pain. You can boil water in a pan and mix ajwain seeds in it. You can diaper cloth in this water and applied to the affected area.

  • Prepare oma water

The water of ajwain also known as the oma water helps to clear the problem of indigestion in pregnant women. It also helps to clear the uterus of all the toxins. I also help to regulate your metabolism and helps to reduce your weight effectively if done regularly.

Side effects:

Ajwain (carom seeds) is very safe to be consumed. It is also considered for a curative dosage. Ajwain has some side effects when you take Ajwain in some excess amount. Excessive intake (considering more than 10 grams a day) can cause following side effects:

Acidity: Ajwain is frequently used to reduce acid reflux in humans. Excessive intake of this Ayurvedic medication regularly can cause acidity in some people. This happens because ajwain has hot potency and it can cause a gastric release in the stomach.

Burning Sensation: Ajwain is mostly used in low quantities because of its hot potency. Higher consumption of ajwain can cause burning sensations in your stomach or even cause heartburn in some. This may be followed up by dizziness and nausea.

Mouth Ulcer: Overconsumption of ajwain seeds regularly can form mouth ulcers. This happens because of the ajwain seeds that have a hot potency. They are also a little spicy. If taken in excess quantity they can easily increase the body temperature. This can lead to mouth ulcer, burning sensation in the body or heartburn.

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