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Guggul - Health Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Guggul is an element that’s commonly known as Commiphora wightii. It is native to South Asian regions like Bangladesh and India.

It is a gummy-like substance or resin that’s extracted from the oil sap of a plant. The plant from where this gum resin is obtained is also known as Guggul.

It mostly grows in the dry regions, based on a tiny shrub that has thorny branches around.

Some other names of Guggul are Guggulu that’s actually refers to the gum resin on the tree trunk. The plant oozes out a gummy texture from its body in yellowish tone.

The latex obtained from Guggul has pleasant fragrance however the excessive formation of the latex exaggerates the smell due to which tiny insects and plants can get killed.

The best thing due to which people grow Guggul and sale it out on a much larger scale is its therapeutic benefits for human health.

The latex is known to be used in ancient Ayurveda formulas of medicines that were used to treat various types of diseases and issues in which somewhere chronic.

Besides this, the use isn’t new but as old as the ancient Ayurveda formulas.

The first ever time Guggul resin used was back in the year of 1986 when it was introduced for the very first time as medicine to work as a cholesterol lowering agent.

Along with this, it has been also used in the weight loss formulas and now it is being sold all over the world via internet.

Health Benefits and Uses of Guggul:

Guggul is used against various skin and health issues as oral or applicant medication. Here are some uses and health benefits of Guggul written:

1) It is used to treat various forms of acne:

Guggul is used in the herbal form to treat many types of acne and pimples.

For example, if acne occurs on to the face, over the chest and around the back in form of tiny bristles that aches too, Guggul can be used to lessen pain, inflammation, and also address the outbreaks and control reoccurrences of the acne attacks.

How to use?

There are two ways in which Guggul can be used to treat various types of acne. You can consume it directly like a medicine or apply it on the affected area. However, it is better to consume Guggul like medicine.

2) Best against the Weight Losing Issues:

Guggul though not alone however has been known as most effective for the excessive weight loss and helps in losing it in the easiest manners. The basic purpose behind usage is to cut down daily calories intake.

However, here is one thing required to be noticed that Guggul doesn’t work against weight loss alone however when combined with other agents, it becomes effective for weight loss.

How to use?

To use Guggul, you have to mix it with phosphate, hydroxycitric acid, and L-tyrosine. When all three ingredients are mixed together, it becomes an active dose for weight loss. Along with the use of Guggul made formula of weight loss, people are also advised to do workout.

3) Active to maintain cholesterol levels:

High cholesterol is often linked to obesity as well as heart issues. When it comes to treating cholesterol levels, along with exercises, there are many types of medicines are used.

In many medications, Guggul is known for being used to treat cholesterol. Here is one thing needs to be done that Guggul doesn’t affect normal cholesterol levels but only higher levels that we found in illiterate people from third world countries like India.

How to use?

To use Guggul for high cholesterol levels, one needs to consult with doctor. The person should use it according to doctor’s prescription however only when they are facing higher cholesterol levels.

4) Curing Osteoarthritis in People:

Guggul is known for being amazing against the bone issues like Osteoarthritis. It not only covers the cushioning and keep it from losing it but it brings back the bone cushions between the joints.

Hence, it is recommended on a big level to the people suffering Osteoarthritis. It happens because Guggul contains guggulsterones, proven to be helpful for osteoarthritis.

How to use?

A regular intake of Guggul around 500 mgs, three times a day is recommended to treat osteoarthritis. By doing so, it will improve pain occurrences while moving the body along with lessening the symptoms causing osteoarthritis.

5) Sufficient amount of Guggul can treat Rheumatoid arthritis:

Last but not the least, we have found great evidences that show Guggul to be greatly important against Rheumatoid arthritis. It is also a type of bone issues in which joints start to strangle and pain when used for a long time such as long gripping sessions of glass or long standing sessions.

How to use?

You need a hugely sufficient amount of Guggul to treat Rheumatoid arthritis. Such as, you will have to take Guggul for at least four months with 3000 mgs daily, can treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Side effects and Limitations of Guggul:

Guggul is a safe resin and there are no side effects found while testing it for various purposes.

In laboratories, Guggul has been tested for the whole 24 hours and no problems were experienced.

However, some limitations and cares are required such as:

  • Guggul intakes are not recommended for mothers during their pregnancy as well as breastfeeding period.

  • People having bleeding disorders are also not recommended to go with the intake of Guggul for any purpose without doctor’s prescription.

  • Guggul increases cholesterol under certain conditions.

  • Guggul cannot be used during and after surgeries as it can result in excessive bleeding.

Bottom Line:

Guggul is though found naturally however to make it worth eating, it is combined with many other chemical agents.

Therefore, to keep the use safe, everyone is recommended to consult a doctor before taking it through the mouth.

All with this, the agent is not recommended for continuous or long-term use.

Hope you liked the health benefits, uses and side effects on Guggul. 🙏


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