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How Many Kms to Walk Daily for Weight Loss? - Find the Facts

The majority of people today do various sorts of exercises in gyms, try different diets, do sports and other many other alternatives to lose weight.

But all this time the thing we fail to realize is that long walks daily are no less effective than all these vigorous exercises.

Not only they help in weight loss but also improve your mood and mental health because you are in a natural environment where you get fresh oxygen running through your blood significantly improving all your body functions.

But there are some rules you will need to follow to lose some bodyweight. You can certainly replace many exercises of your gym plan by following these rules. I am listing them down for you:

Calorie deficit

    If you want to lose weight you have to create a calorie deficit of at least 500 calories.

    Here calorie deficit means that you are consuming fewer calories than you are burning. The factors responsible for creating a calorie deficit are as follows:

    • Diet

    You have to take control of your calorie intake for the day. If you are consuming 1500 calories a day, you need to burn at least 2000 calories per day.

    Keeping this in mind you should consider a perfect diet plan to track your calorie intake.

    There are many apps in-built in our phones which help us keep a check for this stuff and if there isn’t any you can download one.

    It is pretty easy. Calorie deficit combined with walking will give you unimaginably astounding results.

    • The distance covered

    Use a pace counter which will tell you how much you have walked during the day.

    If you fail to lose weight after walking an approximately fixed number of days then you can decisively increase the number of steps.

    However, don’t overdo it as it would affect our health negatively. Remember that excess of everything is bad.

    • Your speed

    Let’s say you fail to lose weight even after adding more steps in your schedule then there may be an issue with your pace.

    If you are walking like you are strolling in a market then there is no way you will be able to lose weight.

    You have to walk like walking only then it will show you results. 

    • Your body weight
    If you are overweight and aren’t able to walk at a fast pace then start at a slow pace and gradually increase it every day and you will be able to get the results.
      • Number of steps per day to lose weight

        It varies from person to person based on certain conditions. Do not ever follow some other person’s schedule even if you are working out together since everybody has a unique body.

        So plan your workout according to your body’s needs based on the following entities:

        • Lifestyle

        If you are an office worker you would need to walk more steps than a field worker or the one which requires vigorous exercise.

        • Dietary Habits

        Again a number of steps depends on your calorie intake.

        If you had two scoops of ice cream just now but you are burning fewer calories which is equivalent to that of a candy’s calorie then I must say sorry my friend, you need to do more and push harder.

        So you need to increase the number of steps you walk if you are high on calories.

        • Health condition

        If you are a healthy person then you can walk as per your diet and weight loss goals but if you have any heart disease, breathing problems, or other health discomforts then you should avoid continuous long walks.

        But that doesn’t mean you can walk but just do not put any kind of pressure or strain on your body.

        So here is a formula for you to calculate and make your walking plan:

        A person burns approximately 100 calories in 2000 steps which nearly reach 1 mile distance covered. So, 

        1 mile long walk = 100 burnt calories

        Therefore, you can set your plan according to your diet consumption and other crucial factors.

        Say, if you want to lose 1 kg:

        1kg = 7000 calories = 140,000 steps = 7 Miles = 11 Km

        So again losing 1 kg will require you to burn 7000 calories in calorie deficit condition.

        It won’t work if you are burning 7000 but are eating 14000 extra calories. You need to maintain the calorie deficit state. 

        Note – Do not walk 11 km a day to lose weight like a miracle. You can take a week or two challenge and divide your number of kilometers you will walk a day according to your own lifestyle, dietary habits, and stamina.

        You can always start with less and make progress to higher levels steadily. No need to rush and push your body overboard.

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