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Is Creatine Good for Fat Loss?

A big majority of people who want to get rid of body fat have common questions such as:

"Should I take creatine if I am fat?", "Should I take creatine while trying to lose belly fat?", "Can creatine help me lose body fat", "How to lose fat while taking creatine?", "Can women take creatine to lose weight", and more.

Can Creatine Be Used For Fat Loss Goals?

Creatine is often considered as a mass building supplement but it can also help you with your fat loss goals.

When cutting, your primary goal is to strip away those extra kilos under the belt while retaining as much hard-earned muscles as you can to look lean. Now comes the million-dollar question "can you use creatine while cutting?"

The answer is a big YES. You should try out micronized creatine or creatine ethyl ester instead of creatine monohydrate if your goal is to lose fat.

It is also advised that you should consume creatine right after your workouts along with a simple sugar (glucose, lactose, sucrose, or fructose). The sugar will promote a spike in insulin that will shuttle more of the creatine into your muscles.

In other words, more of the creatine can get used up instead of it going to waste and leading to water retention or bloating.

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Hundreds of scientific studies have demonstrated that creatine supplementation in the long term promotes lean muscle mass with no or little change in fat mass.

Remember, an increase in lean muscle mass with little or no change in fat mass equals a reduction in body fat percentage. In the long term, new muscle mass gains can increase the metabolic rate of your body that will further translate to burning of more body fat.

In other words, creatine supplementation can actually promote better fat metabolism by speeding gains in lean mass.

Moreover, your trained muscles will be in a better position than ever to metabolize fat and use it as a fuel source to help you improve your body composition.

So Should You Take Creatine While Cutting?

The answer is again a YES. Using creatine supplements is helpful in countless ways. Firstly, it will help you hit more sets and reps when it comes to big power movements such as deadlifts.

This can lead to a higher daily energy expenditure in the short term that, in turn, will possibly enhance the likelihood of a caloric deficit that is one of the biggest factors when it comes to stripping body fat.

Conversely, the performance benefits that creatine has to offer will help enhance the aesthetics of your physique while you are cutting.

You can surely use creatine for fat loss by listening to your body and using creatine as instructed.

Creatine supplements can help you significantly increase the volume of muscle cells to trigger the growth of contractile proteins to help you achieve insane muscle pumps and strength gains from resistance training.

All in all, creatine supplementation when complemented with a correct, calorie-controlled eating and workout plan can serve to accelerate your fat loss efforts.

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