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Indian Diet Plan for Weight Gain In 7 Days

Believe it or not, gaining healthy weight is as difficult as shedding stubborn abdominal and visceral fat, especially for those who find it a challenging task to gain a healthy weight.

Such people usually have a small body frame and an extremely high rate of metabolism that makes it almost impossible for them to gain a healthy weight fast.

If you are planning to gain a healthy weight, you need to ensure that your diet plan meets your daily required calorie intake.

Balanced Diet Plan for Weight Gain

You need a balanced diet to ensure that your daily diet has foods, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

A perfect pre-breakfast (7:00 am – 8:00 am): Daily diet plan can include 2 ripe bananas, 1 glass of milk mixed with 2 teaspoons of skimmed milk powder, and 10 almonds soaked overnight with the peel.

Alternatively, you can opt-out for 2 scrambled egg whites, 1 cup of coffee or tea with sugar and full-fat milk along with 7almonds soaked overnight with the peel.

For the breakfast (8:00 am – 9:00 am): You can try a glass of fresh fruit juice, 6 slices of bread, and 2 omelets. Alternatively, you can try out 1 large bowl of wheat bran/oats/corn flakes with full-fat milk, 1 glass of banana milkshake, and 1 piece of boiled or grilled chicken breast.

For the mid-morning meal (10:00 am – 11:00 am): You can try out 1 glass of coconut water or buttermilk along with 1 whole seasonal fruit. A handful of unsalted and roasted soybeans or almonds.

For lunch (12:30 pm – 1:30 pm): You can try out 2 small rotis (Indian Flat Bread or Tortilla) with a topping of ghee, 2 small bowls of plain rice, 1 small bowl of pulses Red Lentils (masoor dal), Split Chickpeas (​Chana Dal), or green gram dal (mung dal).

Alternatively, you can opt for 1 bowl of green salad, 2 pieces of fish or chicken, 2 small bowls of vegetable curry, and 1 bowl of curd with a small quantity of sugar.

Alternatively, you can try out 1 small bowl of biryani (non-veg or veg)/pulao, 1 small bowl of paneer or scrambled eggs, 1 medium-sized bowl of sprouts salad or chicken soup, and 1 bowl of vegetables of your choice.

For the Afternoon snack (4:30 pm – 5:30 pm): You try 4 cookies with 1 cup of tea or coffee made with full-fat milk along with 1 glass of thick banana shake with 2 biscuits and a handful of unsalted almonds, brown chickpeas (Kala chana) with one glass of milk.

For the Mid-evening snack (5:30 pm – 6:30 pm): You can try out 1 handful of unsalted and roasted almonds or soybeans along with 1 small cup of Rava upma (Suji upma) made with vegetables.

You can include 1 grilled vegetable or chicken sandwich along with 1 medium-sized bowl of chicken or vegetable soup with a dash of butter, and 1 vegetable sandwich with extra cheese or extra mayonnaise.

For Dinner (8:30 pm – 9:30 pm): You can try out 3 medium-sized rotis (Indian Flat Bread or Tortilla) with ghee (clarified butter), 1 small bowl of pulses, 1 small bowl of cooked vegetables, 1 small bowl of chicken or fish pieces, and 1 small bowl of curd with sugar.

While retiring late before bed, you can consume 1 glass of warm milk mixed with raw honey or a pinch of turmeric.

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